Pokemon Go – how to get more Pokeballs?

Pokemon Go – how to get more Pokeballs?

Pokemon Go – how to get more Pokeballs? Pokeballs are purchasable and available items in Pokemon Go.

The easiest to obtain, Pokeballs are used by the trainer to catch many of the Pokemon you encounter while exploring the world.

Players who encounter a Pokémon in the wild can attempt to catch it by holding a Pokeball, sliding it up, and releasing it to throw it toward the Pokémon. If a Pokeball connects, the Pokemon will be caught unless it tries to break free – which rarer, higher level Pokemon are known to do.

Players can influence bonuses for catching Pokemon by aiming the ball towards the center of the Pokemon while allowing the circle meter to shrink. The closer the ball is to the center, the greater the bonus you will receive. Players can also hold the ball to gain a curveball bonus, which grants additional experience.

How to get free pokeballs

Players are given 50 Pokeballs to start with, and more can be easily found by visiting any PokeStop or Gym and spinning the Photo Disc, where the player can find several Pokeballs and one large ball. In addition, the player usually receives a large number of Poké Balls for each level the trainer reaches.

In-store purchase

If they are not in stock or nearby, Poke Balls can also be purchased in the store for PokeCoins – 100 Poke Balls for 20 PokeCoins, 460 Poke Balls for 100 PokeCoins, and 800 Poke Balls for 200 PokeCoins.

Opened gifts

Once a day, you can open a gift from one of your in-game friends to receive various free items and increase your friendship level. This could be a Stardust or, more appropriately, a few Poké Balls. Depending on where you live and how much access you have to your friends, you can open over a dozen gifts a day, which can net you quite a few extra Pokeballs for free.

Daily Free Box

In the store, you can redeem one free box per day, each of which has a random chance of containing a small number of Pokeballs.

Field/special research missions

When you complete missions that change regularly or occur as part of special time-limited events, the corresponding rewards usually include at least one or two sets of Poké Ball Clusters. Not all quests require you to spend Poké Balls you already have, so this can be a great way to replenish your supplies.

Incense for Daily Adventures

One of the newest ways to get your daily supply of Pokeballs, Daily Adventure Incense gives you 30 Pokeballs when you activate it, so even if you don’t plan on taking advantage of the incense itself, it’s almost always worth using. every day to benefit from a huge Poke Ball boost.

How to get the best Pokeballs

By leveling up your Trainer, you gain access to better Poke Balls such as Big Balls and Ultra Balls. Starting at level 12, you will begin to gain access to more advanced Pokeballs, which are useful for catching rare Pokemon.

PokéStops also sometimes provide access to these rare items at higher levels. You’ll start to notice that all the normal methods of acquiring Pokeballs are less likely to yield higher level balls the higher your level.


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