Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup (Grand League) Strategy Guide – Top Teams for September 2023

Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup (Grand League) Strategy Guide – Top Teams for September 2023

The Sunshine Cup is here in Pokemon GO and you can take part in it by hiring some of the best trainers in the game. . You’ll need to gather your strongest Pokémon and turn them into a powerful team that can defeat any opponent you face.

It can be difficult to determine the best teams you want to use or the type of Pokemon you should be in these battles. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This guide outlines the best teams to use to compete in the Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup featured in the Grand League.


  • Best Teams for Pokemon Go’s Sunshine CupSwampert, Miltank and Crady
    • Rafflet, Galarian Stunfisk and Victini
    • Pidgeot, Obstagoon and Abomasnow
    • Vigoroth, Steelix and Gligar
    • Dubwool, Grident and Jumpluff

Best Teams for Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup

You need to sign up for a few rules to participate in Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup. All Pokemon you use on your team must have 1500 CP or lower. They must also be a Fire, Grass, Ground, or Normal-type Pokémon. Additionally, despite meeting the qualifying requirements, Charizard was disqualified from the competition. No one can use Charizard in their team.

Swampert, Miltank and Cradily

Swampert leads our first team. Swampert is always a fan favorite in Pokemon battles in Pokemon Go, and this is a great choice for these battles. As a backup, I recommend using Miltank and Cradily, with Miltank as the switch and Cradily as the closer. However, if it suits your playstyle, feel free to change them.

    • Swampert: Mud Shot (fast movement), Hydro Cannon and Slime Wave
    • Miltank: Rollout (fast movement), Body Slam and Ice Beam

Cradily: Bullet Seed (fast movement), Rockfall and Grass Knot

Rafflet, Galarian Stunfisk and Victini

The leader of this team is Rafflet. Like many of the Pokemon you’ll see in the Sunshine Cup, a mix of Normal and Flying types is a great combination, and Rafflet will shine in this league with Galarin Stunfisk on Switch and Victini as a Melee. Pokemon.

  • Rafflet: Wing Attack (Fast Movement), Brave Bird and Aerial Ace
  • Galarian Stunfisk: Mud Shot (fast movement), Rockfall and Earthquake.
  • Victini: Fast Attack (fast movement), V-Creation and Overheat

Pidgeot, Obstagoon and Abomasnow

Pidgeot is the most flexible Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup. Not only is it an excellent lead Pokemon and something I want to highlight for this team, but it can be used anywhere. To support him, I wanted to bring Obstagoon and Abomasnow, with Abomasnow being a great choice to counter any flying-type Pokemon in the Sunshine Cup.

  • Pidgeot: Wing Attack (fast move), Brave Bird, and Feather Dance
  • Obstagoon: Counter (fast movement), Night Slash and Cross Chop
  • Abomasnow: Powder Snow (fast movement), Weather Ball (ice type) and Energy Ball

Vigoroth, Steelix and Gligar

This team has another great Normal-type Pokémon, Vigoroth. Although it is not a flying Pokemon, Vigoroth works similarly to Pidgeot, where you can use it as a lead Pokemon or replace it with a switch depending on your team. For this team in Pokemon Go, I brought in Steelix as a switch and Gligar as a closer.

  • Vigoroth: Counterattack (fast movement), Bulldozer and Body Slam
  • Steelix: Dragon Tail (Fast Movement), Explosive Strike and Earthquake
  • Gligar: Wing Attack (Fast Movement), Dig and Aerial Ace

Dubvul, Grident and Jumpluff

The last team I’m going to is to highlight the features of Dubwool. Dubwool has great defense, making it a great nearby player, but it can also be used as a leader in this Pokemon Go competition. To support this, I brought in Greedent and Jumpluff to complete the final two designs.

  • Dubwool: Double Kick (quick move), Payback and Body Slam
  • Greedent: Mud Shot (fast movement), Crunch and Body Slam
  • Jumpluff: Fairy Wind (fast movement), Acrobatics and Energy Ball
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