Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup (Grand League) – Tier List for September 2023

Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup (Grand League) – Tier List for September 2023

Pokemon Go players have a chance to take part in the Sunshine Cup. This is a time-limited competition where you will have to use a limited number of Pokemon to defeat strong opponents, and it is important to know which Pokemon you should take with you to compete in these battles.


We’ve created a tier list that shows some of the best Pokemon you should bring with you or consider using against your opponents. This guide shows some of the best Pokemon you should be using during Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup.

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List of Sunshine Cup and #PokemonGo tier levels

There are a few rules that you should definitely follow during Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup. This is the Grand League version, and this means that no Pokemon can exceed the CP limit of 1500, and all Pokemon must be at least a Fire, Grass, Ground, or Normal type. In addition to these rules, the use of Charizard is prohibited and no player may use it during these battles.


Top Pokemon List in Pokemon Go

When it comes to choosing a lead Pokemon for your Pokemon Go team, you’ll want to mix it up with Pokemon that have high attack and defense power. I usually lean more toward attack power for my Sunshine Cup team, but that’s entirely up to you and the rest of your Pokemon you have in your lineup. You should also make sure that you reserve at least one shield to protect your lead Pokemon from charged attacks.

Level Pokemon
S Pidgeot, Rafflet, Swampert and Vigoroth
A Abomasnow, Dubwool, Gliscor and Steelix
B Diggersby, Miltank, Ninetales and Swellow < /td>
C Alolan Marowak, Obstagoon, Talonflame and Tropius
D Cradley, Noctole, Victini and Whiscash

Toggle Pokemon Tier List in Pokemon Go

It is now ideal for your Switch Pokemon to focus more on attack power than anything else. This is a Pokemon that should deal a lot of damage to your team, allowing you to push out many of your opponent’s Pokemon. However, it’s also useful to consider your lead Pokemon’s weaknesses, what your Switch can cover for them, and that they don’t have the same weaknesses. Additionally, I usually leave at least one shield for the switch Pokemon, and sometimes I use both of them during a battle.


Level Pokemon
S Dubvul, Gligar, Pidgeot and Vigoroth
A Greedent, Miltank, Steelix and Swellow >
B Galarian Stunfisk, Obstagoon, Rafflet and Staravia
C Blaziken, Farfetchd, Victini and Zangoose
D Bewear, Lickitung, Lopunny and Snorlax

The nearest list of Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Finally, we have our Close Pokemon. This is your last line of defense against your opponent and will be the hardest Pokémon to defeat. You want to prioritize this Pokemon’s defense strength and make sure you take into account its weaknesses. The fewer of them there are in battle, the less opportunities you will give the enemy to defeat you, especially if he cannot deal super-effective damage. Lastly, I usually don’t leave a shield for a Near Pokémon unless the other two options need it.

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