PS Plus Prices Are Rising! Official Statement Arrived

PS Plus Prices Are Rising! Official Statement Arrived

PS Plus Prices Are Rising! Official Statement Arrived

The claim that there will be a certain increase in PS Plus prices has been on the agenda in the past months and has made a lot of noise. Although it is claimed that there will be a raise, we have not seen an official statement so far.

This has changed after a recent announcement. Sony has announced new hikes for its popular game service. So how do prices change after these hikes? Will PS Plus prices change in Turkey ?

How Much Have PS Plus Prices Increased?

In the newly shared blog post, a global hike is mentioned. The first example is the USA. The prices of the popular game service in the USA have been increased by 35% . According to this;

  • Essential from $60 to $80
  • Extra package from 100 dollars to 135 dollars
  • The Deluxe package has increased from $120 to $160 .

It has also been announced that the price increase will be valid for annual packages for now. There is no raise in options such as monthly or quarterly. At least for now, we see that this is the case.

It is not yet clear whether the decision, which will be valid after September 6, will also be valid for our country.

The fact that there is an increase in the USA and that the increase will be evaluated globally indicates that changes will come to PS Plus prices in our country in the near future. If we make an evaluation on the current package prices, the current prices are;

  • 240 TL per year for Essential
  • 400 TL per year for Extra
  • 460 TL per year for the Deluxe package

If the 35% increase applies to us, the increased prices will be as follows.

  • 320 TL per year for Essential
  • 540 TL per year for Extra
  • 640 TL per year for the Deluxe package .
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