Quantic Dream Announces Its New Game

Quantic Dream Announces Its New Game

Quantic Dream Announces Its New Game

Quantic Dream has announced its new game. Quantic Dream , one of the top companies that make selective games , announced its new game. The company made the latest Detroit: Become Human game. Players loved and enjoyed this game very much.

After this game , Quantic Dream did not release another game. Afterwards, the company announced their new game, Star Wars: Eclipse, at The Game Awards 2021. The company, which has not announced any other games since this announcement, recently announced its new game at Gamescom.

What Will Quantic Dream’s New Game Be?

Although Quantic Dream announced this game at Gamescom, it will not sit in the developer’s seat in this game. The company will only distribute the game. The name of the new game announced by the company at Gamescom will be Dustborn. We watched the trailer of Dustborn at the same event.

The company described the game as: “A single-player, story-driven action-adventure game about Hope, Love, Friendships, Robots and the Power of Word.” We will play a character named Pax in the game. The company has not yet given a release date for the game. Dustborn will be released for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One.

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