Raft console commands and cheats

Raft console commands and cheats

Raft is a survival game where you get food and other items while floating in the middle of the ocean on a raft. The only goal is to stay alive, but if you need a divine helping hand to help you survive in the game, you can use cheats.

You can use console commands and cheats to, for example, set health and hunger points, spawn animals and important items, and most importantly, enable classic god mode so you can continue crafting and exploring without worrying about dying.

How to enable console commands and cheats in Raft

In most games, you need to open the console by pressing the “`” key on your keyboard. In Raft, to open a chat, just press “Enter” on your keyboard . Here you can enter any cheat of your choice and then press Enter again to complete the process.

When you enter certain cheats, you will also have to enter a certain numerical value, which is indicated by the letter “X” at the end of the code. The letter “X” represents the total number.

For example, if you enter a cheat code to install oxygen, then you will need to enter a certain number. If you spawn an animal, you can specify how many animals.

Commands and cheats

Below are the cheats you can enable in Raft right now.


  • /set hunger X – hunger;
  • /set thirst X – thirst;
  • /set blockhealth X – health status;
  • /set bonushunger X – bonus from hunger;
  • /set gamemode X – game mode;
  • /set fps X – maximum FPS;
  • /set oxygen X – oxygen.
  • /spawn shark – shark;
  • /spawn pufferfish – puffer fish;
  • /spawn stone bird – stone bird;
  • /spawn llama – llama;
  • /spawn goat – goat;
  • /spawn chicken – chicken;
  • /spawn boar – boar;
  • /spawn landmark_big – large landmark;
  • /spawn landmark_pilot — landmark pilot;
  • /spawn landmark_raft — landmark craft;
  • /spawn landmark – a regular landmark.
  • /clear “item or animal” – remove an item or animal;
  • /godmode – god mode;
  • /shift – move or shift.

Restoring Items

Technically this is not a cheat, but rather an exploit. If you run out of oxygen and can’t use the cheat, you can simply remove the item from the slot and put it back in another slot to restore the oxygen tank.

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