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Raiju Cyberpunk – How to get the Raiju submachine gun in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Raiju Cyberpunk – How to get the Raiju submachine gun in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

The Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 introduced a variety of new unlockable vehicles and weapons to the game. One of the new weapons is the iconic Raiju Tech SMG, and here’s how to get it.


How to unlock Raiju weapons in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Players can find the Raiju Pistol inside the Enlarged Crime Scene on Cress Street in Dogtown. Quickly get to this marker and enter the Barghest Hideout that I showed in the first image. Destroy the soldiers guarding the area and go inside the facility. Follow the tunnel and you will reach the central section with several guards and the boss Ross Ulmer .

This NPC has a lot of health, so you should use powerful weapons and quick hacks to drain his health quickly. Once his health reaches 50 percent, Ross Ulmer will retreat further into the facility. You can follow him, but first you will have to fight off armored guards and wall turrets. Enter the tunnel, but beware of the turrets and mines. I suggest turning them off using a scanner.

Now you will meet Ross Ulmer again, but he will have better weapons and military-grade armor. You can defeat him easily if you continue to fight from cover, but hitting the weak spot on his back will do a ton of damage. After killing the boss, take the Stash Access Card from his body and head to the locked cache, marked by three blue skulls.

You will find the iconic tech Raiju submachine gun level 5+ on the table in the cache. There are also other legendary items here, such as the Blood Pump cyberware and high-level clothing that you can grab. As for the Raiju, it’s a good weapon for close combat, especially when you’re landing headshots.

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