Release Date Announced for Street Fighter 6

Release Date Announced for Street Fighter 6

Release Date Announced for Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 , which was announced with a single visual in the past months , was officially confirmed. But as we said, verification was made with a single image.

We have neither learned any important developments about the game nor when it will be released. Now, new details have been shared for the new production. There is also information about the release date.

Street Fighter 6 Coming in 2023

A 3-minute video was shared for the game . Frankly, we can see the point the series has reached in the video. When we evaluate it just in terms of its graphical structure, we understand that significant improvements will be made.

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By the way, let us also point out that we will now see 3 new modes in the game. We will see 3 separate modes: World Tour mode, Fighting Ground mode and Battle Hub mode .

All these modes show that there will be firsts in the series. When we look at the gameplay footage, we can already understand more or less the structure of the new modes.

Let us also add that the game, which will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series consoles and PC, will arrive in 2023.

As for the release date, there is currently only year information. No day or month information was given. But we think that information about the detailed date will come soon. Because the shared video largely shows that the Street Fighter 6 game is ready.

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