Resident Evil 9 Apocalypse Leaked! When will the game be released?

Resident Evil 9 Apocalypse Leaked! When will the game be released?

Resident Evil 9 Apocalypse Leaked! When will the game be released?

The Resident Evil series, presented by Capcom and known to horror game lovers, was last seen with the Village production. New DLC packages were also announced recently. But we had our eyes on the sequel of the series.  Here is a new leak for the sequel Resident Evil 9 Apocalypse .

Leaks appearing on Chinese forums provided a little information about the game. Of course, let’s state from the beginning that there is nothing official yet.

What is being said about Resident Evil 9 Apocalypse?

First of all, the first leak is about the name of the game. It is claimed that the name of the game will be Apocalypse . This name, meaning apocalypse , seems like a good choice to reflect the ninth game of the series.

As for the story of the game, again according to leaks, this time players will have to investigate a mysterious death. We will investigate the death that took place in a town full of fear and try to uncover the curtains of mystery behind it.

Of course, the element of fear will again play a leading role in the game. It is said that this time there will be creatures, mystical forces and ghosts that seem friendly to us.

This is the information for the new game so far. To remind you again, this information is just a leak for now. It is not clear when the leaked information will be confirmed and when the official statement will come.

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