Resident Evil 9 Release Date Announced

Resident Evil 9 Release Date Announced

Resident Evil 9 Release Date Announced

The Resident Evil series, which horror game lovers have definitely heard of, is being renewed after a long time. The release date for Resident Evil 9, which fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting, has been revealed.

It is certain that we will feel the fear again in the new game to be prepared by Capcom. So when will we encounter the new production?

Resident Evil 9 Release Date Revealed

Dusk Gollem, a well-known name in the gaming world, was the one who revealed the release date of the game . The famous name stated that Resident Evil 9 will be released in 2025 . The name, which we know with his accurate statements before, says that the official announcement of the game will be made in 2024.

This means that we will have the chance to learn all the details of the new production soon

There is not much information about the story of the production yet, but we think that the current series will not be continued, at least in terms of story. Because it was announced that the story about Ethan Winters was completed after the last game and the last DLC package.

We will have to see the new statements made by Capcom to get more information about the story and operation .

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