Ryujin Industries questline and rewards in Starfield

Ryujin Industries questline and rewards in Starfield

If you’re looking for a  Starfield equivalent of the Thieves Guild  , then Ryujin Industries is what you need. The faction unites the Thieves Guild and the Assassins Guild, all with a dash of corporate espionage. As Ryujin’s agent, you sneak, manipulate, extort and infiltrate, and hopefully eventually gain access to the executive’s closet. But will you? Here is the Ryujin Industries questline and rewards in  Starfield  .


Joining Ryujin is not difficult. If you spot a red kiosk while visiting New Atlantis, take a look at it. The Ryujin kiosk invites you to apply to join the company. No matter what you do, it’s easy to get an interview with an executive at his headquarters in the Neon Core on Volia Alpha. Once there, take the elevator up and talk to Imogen Salzo. It’s time to get crafty.

Tips for success in Ryujin’s quest chain:

  • Spend at least one skill point on:
    • Belief
    • Stealth
    • Security (for picking advanced locks)
  • The pickpocket ability (theft skill) is useful, but not required.
  • Buy a Persuasion Boosting Suit from the merchant in the Ryujin lobby.
  • Buy a lot of digipics
  • Craft or purchase Reconstim, which reduces traffic noise by 30% for 10 minutes.
  • Be very liberal with the quick save option.
  • Do not  take  companions with you on stealth missions as they may be spotted by guards.
    • An exception  may  be Andrei, who has four points in Stealth.

Ryujin Industries questline and rewards in Starfield

Ryujin Industries quest missions

  • Back to the grind
    • A simple task: bring Imogen’s coffee order and try not to get shot by a disgruntled ex-employee. This is a fateful meeting and he may return later (hint, hint).
  • One step ahead
    • Your first  real  mission for Imogen. Infiltrate CeltCorp and download the program onto the computer terminal.
  • New narrative
    • It’s time to head to Aquila City and drop off some suspicious files at the Laredo Firearms office.
  • Access is the key
    • This mission will send you to HopeTech, The Clinic, or Gagarin Landing to obtain a Security Key Card. It seems random. Either way, use persuasion to get the card. If that doesn’t work, try stealing the target if you have that skill.
  • Sowing discord
    • Manipulate two executives so that they do not sign the deal.
  • Accidents happen
    • Go to HopeTech and install the device inside the ship under construction.
  • Maintaining an edge
    • Head to Staryard Trident Luxury Lines to access the chest and steal the schematic.
  • Main secrets
    • You’ve made a splash, and now you have to meet your boss’s boss, Ularu Chen. She sends you on a new mission that will take you to Cydonia, Mars, to collect files on Project Dominion. Things are about to get wild.
  • Background check
    • After receiving the Dominion files, it was revealed that Ryujin has a top-tier mole. Meet with the hacker and then make your way to Ryujin Tower. Run the program on Ularu’s computer and crash without being noticed.
  • Guilty parties
    • I blame  ! Your work during the background check revealed that Imogen is a “traitorous mole.” Or is she? Track her to the Sokka Syndicate hideout and demand the truth – or eliminate her for good.
  • Key Ingredient
    • Ryujin needs to complete the development of the Internal Neuroamp technology, but something goes wrong. The shipment of rhoticite has not arrived and you need to go to the mine and find out why.
  • (Optional) Asset Management
    • Depending on how you played Guilty Party, you may be able to access this hidden side mission. Assignment: Find and eliminate a former colleague.
  • Sabotage
    • The most advanced stealth mission. Infiltrate Infinity Ltd. headquarters. in New Atlantis, run the program on two computers and steal the company’s Neuroamp prototype. And do it without getting caught and without shedding blood. Good luck.
  • Executive level
    • Convince Ryujin’s executive board to vote on both the acquisition of Infinity Ltd. and support for the Internal Neuroamp technology.

Ryujin Industries questline and rewards in Starfield

What are your rewards?

Unlike the Crimson Fleet questline, the rewards for Ryujin Industries are quite meager, despite being one of the hardest factions in  Starfield  . You get your usual amount of credits and experience points, but the most significant reward comes almost until the very end. And that’s okay.

You receive the Stealth Suit at the start of the Sabotage mission  . It is a form-fitting black suit that provides a permanent 25% reduction in noise while driving. This would be  great  to have for background checks, but whatever.

While you don’t get access to the executive restroom, you do get your own office once you complete the executive level. There’s also a mission board in the office if you’re ever tired of stealth missions. I know that I am.


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