Sales Figures of Dead Cells Announced

Sales Figures of Dead Cells Announced

Sales Figures of Dead Cells Announced

The publishing company announced the sales figures of Dead Cells . Dead Cells , which has a good place among independent games , was a great success in the year it was released. Players loved Dead Cells, which we can call one of the best examples of independent games .

The Rogue-Like structure of the game attracted players who love this genre. The game has received 34 updates since its release. The developers have released 4 major DLCs for the game. The biggest of these DLCs was the Return Of The Castlevenia DLC, which the company made in agreement with Konami.

The company also announced that it will continue to bring DLC ​​to the game until 2025. After the game attracted a lot of attention, the company brought the game to the mobile side. The PS 5 version of the game will be released on August 11.

How Many Millions Did Dead Cells Sell?

The developers of the game announced the sales figures to the press. According to the statement of Motion Twin and Empire Evil, the game has managed to sell a total of 10 million copies since its release. This success is pleasing for all independent games. The fact that the sales figures of an independent game compete with those of a AAA game is also an indication of the development of the independent game industry in the future.

The game has a score of 89 on Metacritic. Additionally, the game managed to receive many awards for an independent game. It won “ Independent Game of the Year ” at the 2018 Golden Joystick awards , “ Best Action Game ” at The Game Awards in the same year , “ Best Independent Game ” at the New York Game Awards , these awards and more.

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