Satisfactory save game location – where to find the save file.

Satisfactory save game location - where to find the save file.

Besides Factorio, my favorite factory simulation game of all time is Satisfactory. I love spending hours alone inside the game, carefully assembling cars to achieve my goals. While it’s fun to play alone, it’s even more fun with friends to build incredible infrastructure to run your factories. So, like most multiplayer games, the only way to play with friends is to upload the single-player world files to the server.


Where can I find game save files in Satisfactory?

The Satisfactory game save location can be found in  your local application data folder . To be more specific, you can find all the Satisfactory single-player game save files in the following location:

  • C:UsersYOURUSERAppDataLocalFactoryGameSaved SaveGames .

Press Windows + E  to open the file directory. Copy and paste the above folder into the folder search bar to navigate to the location of your Satisfactory saved games.

How to Load Satisfactory Saved Game Files

To upload Satisfactory save game files to the server, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Satisfactory Game menu by pressing < strong>Escape.
  2. In the list of options, select  Server Manager  and click the  Select Server   option. 
  3. Now select “Manage Saves” and upload your saved files to the server. Invite your friends and enjoy the game in a single-player world with your friends.

How to Transfer a Satisfactory Save File from Epic Games to Steam 

Satisfactory was originally released on Epic Games as an Early Access game and later released on Steam. So naturally, many players switching from Epic Games to Steam to play with their friends need to copy their save files from the Epic Games directory to the Steam directory.

  1. Get to the location of your saved games. using the above directory path.
  2. There will be two folders in your Saved Games folder. Each one will start with a random serial number, such as  8093242  or  7157273024 . 
  3. One of these folders will contain . >sav files and the other will be empty. 
  4. The folder where these .sav files are located is the Epic Game directory, and the empty one represents the newly created Steam save games directory.  
  5. Copy and paste the .sav files from your Epic folder into an empty Steam folder to transfer all your saved games.
  6. Open the game on Steam and you can now find all your past saved games using the Load option .


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