Sea of ​​Stars: How to Get the True Ending

Sea of ​​Stars: How to Get the True Ending

So the credits roll, you’ve finished Sea of ​​Stars and the game is over, right? WRONG; in fact, the game has an entire secret ending that is even more emotional and epic than you might expect. To get this ending you have to work hard first, complete some quests, find some items and fight some bosses, but it’s all worth it.


In this guide we will explain in detail how to do this. to get the true ending in Sea of ​​Stars.

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  • How to Unlock the True Ending of Sea of ​​Stars
  • What tasks do you need to complete to get the true ending in Sea of ​​Stars?
    • Find all 60 rainbow shells.
    • Build a city of fun.
    • Solve puzzles in the Docarry Ruins and defeat the sea slug.
    • Complete all Solstice Shirns and defeat the Elder. Fog (again)
    • Complete the Autumn Dweller Arena and defeat Krustalion.
    • Free the Duke of Aventry.
    • Complete “The Queen Who Was.”
  • Where to use the Time Hook

How to unlock the True Sea of ​​Stars ending

To get the true ending in Sea of ​​Stars, you will need to complete quite a few objectives first, some while playing through and some after beating the game and returning to your save.

When you first complete the game, you will see a small cutscene showing an area in the Moors with several columns in a circle and one large stone slab. These pillars represent seven different tasks that you will need to complete in order to activate the items found here and trigger the beginning of the true ending.

By now you may have completed some of these objectives without even realizing it, but if any of them don’t light up, you can see what needs to be done by heading to the Moors and finding that area, which is the best way to get to , using the lower right entrance to this area and following the fairly linear path.

When you interact with one of these unlit pillars, you get a small vision that hints at what you need to do. For example, when I finished the game I had one left, and when I interacted with it, it showed me a picture of Bsta. So I talked to them at the camp and they started their side quest, which is one of the tasks required for the true ending.

When everything is ready, return to the pillar and interact with the main slab, after which you will see an epic cutscene and be on your way to the true ending. We won’t go into detail about it here as it needs to be experienced, but trust us, it’s worth it.

What tasks do you need to complete to get the real ending in Sea of ​​Stars?

As mentioned, you need to complete seven tasks to get the true ending; some are relatively simple side quests that may be a boss fight, while others may be game-wide challenges that will take some time to complete. Luckily, we have guides for every task you need to complete, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do for each task.

Find all 60 rainbow shells

This long and difficult task will take a long time to complete if you haven’t tried to pick them up while exploring the world. Throughout the world there are blue chests with shells on the front that hold rainbow shells.

There are 60 of them in total and you will need to find them all and give them to the NPC named Myrna in Docarry Village. When you do this, she will give you the Rainbow Star needed to complete this task.

We’ve got a guide showing the location of each Rainbow Shell and details on how to get them, including some of the more difficult and verbose ones, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding them once you get there.

Build a City of Fun

This task can be completed in conjunction with Rainbow Shells, as you will need them to complete this task. At a certain point in the game, you will help create the city of Myrtle and will have the opportunity to help expand the city with new buildings, including an inn, a store, a fisherman’s hut, and a spa. You will need to unlock these plans and get them from Myrna in Docarry Village, just like with the Rainbow Star. Once you have the plans, give them to Girard the Constructor in Myrtle and he will build them for you.

After this, you must hire villagers to manage these buildings, including Innkeeper, Shopkeeper, Master Fisherman and Spa Worker . These can be found in various places on the map, this is described in detail in our guide and is not a very lengthy process.

Once you have all the buildings and villagers, this task will be completed and you will be able to use the new buildings and get the achievement.


Solve puzzles in the ruins of Docarry and defeat the sea slug

The next quest requires you to have the ability to fly, which you unlock just before the game’s final boss, and you’ll need to head to the floating island in the top left corner of the home world to trigger this quest. When you do this, pillars similar to the eclipse pillars you saw will rise out of the ocean to solve puzzles around the world, and you will need to use your eclipse power to activate these towers and their pathways to access the puzzles.

< p data-injection=”true”>You’ll then have to go down some whirlpools and have to solve three puzzles in the world before heading to the final area and fighting the Sea Slug boss. This challenge is all about puzzles, so don’t worry about combat, but these are some of the hardest puzzles in games, so be sure to check out our guide if you get stuck. By doing this and defeating the boss, you will receive the Rainbow Shell, Reshan’s ultimate weapon, achievement and complete the quest.

Complete all Solstice-Shirnes and defeat Elder Mist (again)

To complete this quest, you will need to complete all of the Solstice Shrines found in the game and defeat the Ancient Mist a second time. Between the home and Serai’s world, there are five shrines, each with a small puzzle inside that can be solved with rewards such as combo moves or accessories. You’ll recognize them by the purple doors on the world map, and keep in mind that some of them will only be accessible to you once you’ve learned to fly.

Once they are ready, you will have to defeat the Elder Mist again. , only this time it’s just Zale and Valera, and it’s a tougher battle than before. Once you do this, you will receive the achievement and Zale and Valera’s best weapons.

Completed the Autumn Dweller Arena and defeat Krustalion

This quest is completed in Brisk after the city has been rebuilt, and begins after taking it from Bsta right at the end of the game, where you will be told about wanting to enter the arena.

In the top right corner of Brisk you will find an arena where you must complete three different tiers for wave combat with specific party members and no items. Once you clear them, you will unlock the final rank, which will allow you to fight Krustalion.

This is a particularly challenging boss that can be quite difficult to defeat, but don’t worry, we have a guide for that. After defeating this boss, the task will be completed and you will receive the Reaper’s Mercy achievement and accessory.

Free the Duke of Aventry

Earlier in the game, on the Isle of Ghosts, you will meet a character named Duke of Aventri, who is in the service of Romaia. Now you will go to the island to free them from Romaia, remember who they are and allow them to leave peacefully.

This can only be completed once you’ve unlocked the ability to fly and involves traveling to a small island on the Ghost Island side where you’ll need to access Romaia’s Secret Passage to begin this quest. This task consists of several steps, which we have detailed in our guide so that you know exactly how to complete it.

Completing this challenge involves another round of Romaya and solving some puzzles, but by the time you reach this point in the game it shouldn’t prove difficult. By completing this task you will receive an achievement as well as an Artifact for Ticks.

Complete “The Queen Who Was”

This final task involves completing one last mission with the Serai on their home world and eliminating yet another threat: the Queen that was.

This quest begins by talking to Serai in the camp after defeating her. Dweller of Terror and involves finding a secret area and boss in the Azure Expanse. You will be given the Jos Artifact belt buckle, which you will then give to Tix, which details the puzzle you need to solve in order to get to the desired area and find the boss. Of course, as with all other tasks, we also have a manual for this.

Completing this will earn you the achievement, Seraya’s ultimate weapon, as well as the Shell and Master’s Gambit relic if you’re looking for it, which is required for another achievement in the game.

Where to use the time hook

Once you complete the quests and return to the Moors, you’ll see an awesome cutscene and be able to complete the true ending. As we said, we won’t spoil it, but there is one more small task that can be confusing, at least it was for me.

After doing all this, you will eventually receive a quest item called Time Hook, and at this point I was a little confused about what to do with it. You need to go to Quiet Pond Island and the fishing pond there, where you have to complete a small task that continues the story of the true ending. We won’t say more, but know that once you do, you’ll be able to finish the game with the best ending!

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