Should Delgado be betrayed along with Mathis in Star Field?

Should Delgado be betrayed along with Mathis in Star Field?

During the third mission of the Crimson Fleet questline, entitled “Echoes of the Past”, you and a fellow rookie pirate named Mathis Castillo follow Delgado deep into the bowels of a frozen prison. The goal is to find any clues to the Legacy of Crixus, a massive treasure that Delgado believes exists. However, Mathis has his own brilliant ideas. Mathis wants to betray Delgado, share the spoils with you and (maybe?) become the Starfield Pirate  Kings  . But should you follow his scheme?


The mission itself is complex enough without Mathis making things confusing. Deep inside the prison, you and a crew of pirates are under constant siege from the local wildlife, which can attack you from underground.

Shortly after the team is attacked in prison, Delgado teams you up with Mathis and orders you to move forward. This is where things go awry. As soon as you enter the corridor, the roof behind you will collapse. Finding himself in a difficult situation, Mathis decides to share his idea.

Should Delgado be betrayed along with Mathis in Star Field?

Will you be able to betray Delgado in the Starfield with the help of Mathis?

Mathis wants to betray Delgado, but he needs to involve you in the plot. During the first conversation, you can tell Mathis that you agree with the plan or are completely against it. In any case, it is too early for you or Mathis to take any action. And besides, Delgado is completely out of your reach. For now.

Mathis will make this suggestion again once you reach the guard tower. Again, you can tell him you’re considering it, or refuse to help him at all. No matter what you tell him here, you will still have to continue the mission and look for clues about the Legacy. He’s giving it up for now.

When you find yourself in the warden’s office, Mathis changes his mind. After your conversation with Delgado over the intercom,  Mathis abandons his plan  . You  can  tell him that he owes you for not spilling the beans to the big boss, but in my experience, nothing will come of it.


Can you recruit Mathis in  Starfield  ?

Should Delgado be betrayed along with Mathis in Star Field?

You can hire Mathis as a companion in  Starfield  if you play the good guy. In the caretaker’s office, Delgado asks if you found any information about the Crixus Legacy. You have it, and you can convey it in two ways: tell him you found it yourself or that Mathis helped. If you choose the latter, Mathis will thank you for “not being a jerk.” But if you choose the former, Mathis will get angry. You can later meet Mathis at the Last Nova bar in Keys.

If you throw him a bone, he will tell you that he can join the team later. Otherwise, he will refuse to be friendly and you will miss the chance to recruit him. Mathis will not be available as a companion until you complete the Eye of the Storm mission and side with the pirates.

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