Should Delgado be killed in Starfield?

Should Delgado be killed in Starfield?

You really show where your loyalty lies when you lose weight if you should destroy Delgado in the Starfield  or refuse Mathis’s offer. In the United Colonies quest chain in  Starfield , you will eventually join the Crimson Fleet. Your first mission involves infiltrating the Gateway, a former prison, with Delgado, the fleet leader, and Mathis, his fellow recruit. The goal is twofold: test your pirate skills and hunt for the Legacy of Crixus, a treasure left behind by the founder of the Crimson Fleet, Jaspen Crixus, over a century ago. But things get dicey when Mathis sees a chance to eliminate Delgado and enlists your help in this evil plan.

Should you side with Mathis and destroy Delgado in the Starfield?

Mathis will contact you and give you two options: say, “I’m listening,” or reply that you are “not betraying Delgado.” All other dialogue options collect more information on the subject. If asked, Mathis will say that he believes now is the best time to destroy Delgado because he is essentially at his weakest position. However, these two dialogue options seem to be at your discretion.


Nothing will happen if you decide to destroy Delgado in the Starfield right now. Mathis will completely deny the murder attempt. In fact, you won’t even be able to turn it in to Delgado. Essentially, this choice has no consequences, and Delgado cannot be turned into an assassination target at this point.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a point later in the story where you’ll have the opportunity to take down Delgado in the Starfield and walk away with some pretty cool loot.

How to defeat Delgado in Starfield

At the end of the Crimson Fleet questline there is a chance to destroy Delgado in the Starfield  . The Crimson Fleet questline ends with the quest “Legacy’s End”, a quest that asks you to take a stand: either you go against the pirates or you side with them.

If you choose to go against them, an epic space battle ensues, culminating in a final confrontation with Delgado. Destroying it will reward you with The Tempest, a rare rifle with a laser sight, reflex sight, and a large magazine.

The Tempest rifle makes killing Delgado in Starfield  completely worthwhile. this is because it has high velocity ammo, making it quite fast. Unless you’re going for an “evil run”; in which you plan to become a ruthless space pirate, your best bet is to kill Delgado to get this weapon mid-game.

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