Should Shaw be killed off in Starfield?

Should Shaw be killed off in Starfield?

During “Empty Nest” you’ll be faced with a choice that will make you question whether you should kill Shaw in Starfield . This quest chain asks you to find an Artifact in the city of Aquila, and culminates in you having to decide whether or not you should kill Gang Leader Shaw, who is operating within the Freestar Collective System. After all, they are the ones who have the Artifact. However, it’s no surprise that Shaw isn’t happy with your actions after he infiltrated their territory, destroyed their hideout, and killed their people. You can eliminate, convince, or simply buy your way out of anger.

Starfield: Should Shaw be Killed in Empty Nest?

Our personal choice is to convince Shaw as it is the most rewarding and cost effective option to complete this quest. . However, here is a summary of all possible outcomes:

If it’s in your power to convince Shaw instead of killing him in the Starfield , that should be the quickest way out of trouble. Persuasion Shaw in  the Starfield  requires the maximum use of six bars of persuasion. This shouldn’t be too hard to achieve with one or two levels of persuasion in the skill tree. This choice also turns out to be the most fruitful. Shaw’s help in fighting the Ashtami will not only make it easier to defeat the beast, but will also sweeten the deal with a modified calibrated horn as a reward. This is a 70 damage pistol with a red dot sight and a binary trigger. Sure, it’s not a legendary weapon, but there’s no denying that it’s a solid modified weapon.

But perhaps belief is not up for debate. Also, weighing the Ashts as a reason not to kill Shaw in the Starfield might not be that difficult if you don’t plan to do so. After all, dealing with Ashtami is not necessary. In this case, perhaps killing Shaw would be the best option. When Shaw is dead, you can loot her and any other corpse after the fight. This means free ammo and resources.

There is a third option – to pay off Shaw. Basically, you should only rely on this option if you need to remain friendly with Shaw to deal with Ashtami, and can’t pass a conviction check due to lack of skill or… well, terrible luck. Trust us; It happens to the best of us. If you don’t want to kill Shaw in Starfield , the only option left here is to pay 4000 credits and you won’t get anything in return.

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