Should you catch the Songbird or let it escape? (Cyberpunk Phantom Freedom)

Should you catch the Songbird or let it escape? (Cyberpunk Phantom Freedom)

The first turning point in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty’s story occurs during the Firestarter quest. After you pass Kurt Hansen’s interrogation, you will reunite with Songbird in the laboratory. Here you must decide whether to stay and help her escape or follow Reed’s plan to bring her to justice for crimes against NUSA.

Should you help Songbird escape or help Reed catch her?

As mentioned earlier, the choices here are critical and will determine how the Phantom Liberty questline ends for you. Although the choice is entirely yours, I have discussed and explained all the possible consequences of your decision (spoilers ahead!) .

Help the songbird escape

If you choose to stay with Songbird and help her escape, she will gain access to the Blackwall and unleash her fury on the stadium. Then, on your signal, Alex kills Colonel Kurt Hansen, after which you and So Mi escape. Later, you both infiltrate the spaceport and fight NUSA operatives.

When you reach the spaceship, So Mi reveals that she betrayed you and there is only one cure – for her. You can then either help Songbird escape to the Moon despite her betrayal, or hand her over to Reed. If you choose the first option, you will have to kill Reed, and you will return back to Night City after Songbird leaves.

If you decide to side with Reed, you have two options. You can either give him the Songbird without any conditions, or make a deal and ask for the medicine in return. The first option will take you back to Night City, where you will be on your own. If you make a deal with Reed, you will be cured. But when you return to Night City after spending two years in a coma, everything changes; you will no longer be a mercenary and the game will end. This is the new special ending for Cyberpunk 2077.

Help Reed catch Songbird

If you go along with Reed’s plan to use the Icebreaker device, he will fail to subdue Songbird and she will escape without you. Meanwhile, Kurt Hansen kills your fellow FIA employee Alex. You then fight and kill the Colonel, after which Reed saves you. Mi is then captured by MaxTac’s forces.

You will later find a Songbird in very poor condition in a bunker underneath Dogtown. She will beg you to finish her off, but you will have to decide whether to kill So Mi or bring her back alive. If you kill her, Reed and President Myers will be very unhappy with you, but that’s all. On the other hand, you can keep her alive to get a cure for your relic’s malfunction. Once again, this choice will lead you to the same special ending of Cyberpunk 2077, in which you return to Night City two years later, in 2079.

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