Should You Choose File Not Found Background In Starfield?

Should You Choose File Not Found Background In Starfield?

File Not Found is a background in Starfield that you can choose, but is it worth it?

Next, you will have the Ballistic skill, allowing you to exert better weapon damage of (10 percent) as well. Lastly, you will get the Piloting skill. This allows you to maneuver your ship and utilize its thrusters at a basic level in Starfield.

You must focus on these three core skills, as you can’t exploit other skills apart from those in Starfield.

What changes File Not Found Background makes in Starfield

Now that you know what the File Note Found Background has to offer, you can also look towards the changes it makes in your gameplay.

Changes Dialogue and Determines Skills

After selecting the “File Not Found” Background in Starfield, you’ll primarily observe subtle alterations in dialogue options when interacting with NPC characters. For instance, you might encounter conversations like Sam’s comment on how “Core doesn’t interfere too much,” and so on.

These minor modifications won’t significantly impact your primary campaign missions. Occasionally, you may also come across distinctive dialogue options from your companions and other characters.

Memory Loss will not affect your Gameplay

It’s important to understand that the Starfield Playthrough is designed to be accessible, allowing you to enjoy it with any background, including the “File Not Found” Background.

In essence, you will embody a protagonist grappling with memory loss, with your past being a mystery to all except yourself within the game. What truly counts is your survival skills, and the ones granted by this background will suffice to ensure your success and resilience throughout your missions.

File Not Found and Traits Don’t Make Sense

In Starfield, the “File Not Found” Background harbors a concealed past known only to you, introducing complexity to the narrative. This complexity arises because if you opt for any other background, you have the opportunity to revisit your past life and interact with characters like your parents.

While you can gather some hints about your history in those interactions, choosing the “File Not Found” Background presents a peculiar challenge. Even when meeting your parents, you won’t be able to piece together the backstory associated with this enigmatic background.

Moreover, the sole piece of information you’ll acquire is that your previous occupation involved working in the mines of Vectera. This makes the trait options associated with this background seem somewhat disconnected.

Adding to the complexity, you will encounter another trait specific to this background: “File Not Found” in Starfield. This trait will be conveyed through the narrator’s voice, introducing the “Hero Worshipped” trait for this background. This further complicates matters because the undisclosed background doesn’t seamlessly align with this distinct trait, be it your previous occupation as a mine worker or a Herc.

Saving File Not Found for second Playthrough

If you’re considering picking the “[File Not Found]” Background for your second playthrough in Starfield, be prepared to adapt to the altered dialogues. Furthermore, the fundamental skills provided by this background may not suffice for a smooth journey in the early phases of the game.

You’ll find yourself engaging in numerous dialogues and combat encounters with various NPC characters throughout the game. However, it’s important to note that these interactions won’t significantly affect your character’s ultimate outcome. While the “File Not Found” Background may conceal a mysterious past, the core essence of the game remains unchanged.

This means that there are no significant consequences associated with selecting the “File Not Found” Background. It’s advisable to explore other background options, as they offer more flexibility in terms of essential skills compared to the constraints imposed by the “[File Not Found]” Background in Starfield.


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