Should you defend the Lodge or go to the Eye in Starfield? Selection Guide

Should you defend the Lodge or go to the Eye in Starfield? Selection Guide

The mission “A High Price to Pay” in Starfield requires you to defend the Lodge or go to the Eye. Unlike many other missions in Starfield  ,  your decision to defend the Lodge or go to the Eye has serious consequences. This is what happens if you go to the Eye or the Lodge in the Starfield.


Lodge or Eye in the Star Field, explanation

Regardless of whether you choose the Lodge or the Eye,  one of the four main companions will die forever  . There is no way to avoid this – either Barrett, Andrea, Sam or Sarah will die in the solution to the quest “A High Price”, and it depends on whether you stay to protect the Lodge or go to the Eye.

I highly recommend quicksaving  the moment you decide to defend the Lodge or visit the Eye. If you do this, you will be able to see which two characters will die depending on which choice you make. While it may seem like a companion that dies is completely random, based on my personal research and experience, I have found that there are  two factors  that will help you determine which companion will fall in battle.


Which comrades die in the quest “A High Price to Pay” in Starfield?

First,  the two companions next to you will not die  . Secondly,  your companion that you are closest to in a location where you are not will die  . Besides these two known factors, I found that companion locations can be random on each playthrough. The character who dies in the Lodge if you visit the eye could also most likely be the one you just went on a mission with. Sarah Morgan was with me in the previous story mission, and it was to her that I told what location I was protecting.

Here’s another example. If you decide to romance Sarah Morgan, and she is on the Eye while you are in the Lodge, then she will be the one who dies. The only thing that matters when deciding to defend the Lodge or go to the Eye is which  companion dies  . There are no other major changes in one direction or another.

When making a decision,  I recommend choosing two companions that you know you want to save  . Look who is in the Lodge and who will be in the Eye. If you don’t want any of your comrades in the Eye to die, then go there. Then see which of the two companions is closest to you in the place where you did not go. These are the ones who will die. Playing it through logically allows you  to choose who will die and who will live  .


What happens to a dead companion’s equipment?

Once you get out of this stressful situation, you have two options for what you will do with the Artifacts: either hide them at the outpost or on your ship. No matter what decision you make, once you return to the Lodge, the game will inform you that your dead companion’s equipment is in the basement.

Go down the stairs and in the room with all the workbenches and laboratories you will find a chest with your things. Everything they kept is inside, even their clothes. It’s not exactly comfortable to wear the clothes they died in, but if you really want it, it’s yours.

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