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Should you kill or spare Milko in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Treatment Symptoms?

Should you kill or spare Milko in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Treatment Symptoms?

The Phantom Liberty Treating Symptoms side job tasks you with neutralizing a Voodoo Boys netrunner named Milko who is blackmailing a woman and threatening to shut down her lungs – a real Cyberpunk 2077 problem. You’ll infiltrate the Voodoo Boys hideout where Milko is located, but there are a few complications along the way, from shootouts to killer robots and even NetWatch, all culminating in a final choice. Should you kill Milko or let him live to help NetWatch? Below I’ve prepared a walkthrough and results for the Treating Symptoms side quest in Phantom Liberty.

Treating Phantom Liberty Symptoms walkthrough

Start the Treating Symptoms side job in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty by heading to the Voodoo Boys’ base in Dogtown, Luxor Heights. Here you will receive information about your mission: infiltrate the base and kill Milko Alexis. Head inside the base and watch out for cameras and turrets, all of which can be hacked quickly. There’s no downside to shooting guns to eliminate resident Voodoo Boys, though stealth is also possible.

Before you go upstairs to the base to get to where you need, you should check the security room on the right side of the ground floor because there is a storage room key you can get. This gives you an optional Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty quest to talk to the Voodoo Boys’ supplier.

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Phantom Liberty eavesdropping on Aurore and Aymeric

Now go up the stairs and go to the corridor on the left side of the building. Make sure to head right along this corridor to enter the storage room to find the Barghest troop supplier. So that you don’t have to bribe him, he’ll tell you that the Voodoo Boys are buying and scrapping cyberware for hacks and building robots. These robots protect Milko and can be damaged by destroying servers when near them.

Exit the warehouse and go to the room at the end of the corridor. This leads to the server room the supplier mentioned. Here you’ll have to fight Robot R MK.2 and a few other robots, but shooting at the red glowing servers when the robots approach will deal a lot of damage to them and make short work of the boss fight – loot the iconic Ogou Smart Pistol from the dead bot as well.

Proceeding down the next corridor you will eventually reach Milko’s netrunning lair, where you will find him and another netrunner named Alan NoËl, who turns out to be an undercover NetWatch agent. Alan has his own operation to run, and killing Milkos will prevent that, so you’re faced with a choice…

In Treating the Symptoms, should you kill Milko or let Alan finish his operation?

If you kill Milko and leave the Voodoo Boys base at any point during your conversation with Alan, you complete the Cure the Symptoms quest and receive your payment from Mr. Hands as normal – in this case €8,000. With Milko’s death, Indira Barazza was freed from her blackmailer.

But if you talk to Alan and eventually choose the “okay, finish your operation” option, you get much the same outcome as if you had killed Milko, despite risking Indira Barazza’s life. Once you finish the mission, you learn that NetWatch has placed Indira on the witness protection list, protecting her from other blackmailing netrunners. Mr. Hands also pays you €8,000 for your efforts.

Much later, you should also receive some bonus Eurodollars from Alan for helping him. Long after I had passed the end of Phantom Liberty, I received a message from him, saying that his operation was successful and that he gave me an extra €8,000 for my help. While it certainly doesn’t seem like it, donating Milko to help Alan is the best choice for this side quest – mostly a happy ending for everyone and some bonus swirls in your cyber pockets.

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