Should You Side With Stone Lord Or Nine Fingers Thieves Guild In Baldur’s Gate 3

Should You Side With Stone Lord Or Nine Fingers Thieves Guild In Baldur’s Gate 3

Should You Side With Stone Lord Or Nine Fingers Thieves Guild In Baldur’s Gate 3? It’s not an easy decision to make. The chosen path influences your adventure and makes the game more intriguing as you continue… The “Aid the Underduke” quest is one of the more engaging trials you’ll encounter. This task drops you right into the murky waters of Baldur’s Gate City’s criminal underworld, pushing you to make high-stakes decisions that might alter the direction of your game. We’re talking about life-or-death, ally-or-enemy decisions here, and each has its repercussions. In this article, I’ll talk about the consequences of siding with Stone Lord or Nine Fingers.

 Baldur’s Gate 3 Aid The Underduke Quest

You begin your mission with the basic goal of “Go to City Counting.” However, Stone Lord has pulled a quick one on you, transforming a basic maneuver into a sophisticated move. He’s not even in the Counting House, instead, he’s in the Lower City sewers. When running with Jaheira in your camp, you can get Stone Lord as an ally. That’s correct, save that high-value asset until the end game.

Who is Nine Fingers Keene? You might consider her the godfather of the Baldur’s Gate crime underworld. Her Guild has been around for a long time, but now they’re feeling the heat from Stone Lord and his gang; it’s old guard vs new blood. You’ll ultimately arrive at the Guildhall, where you may meet Roah. She has her sights set on Nine Fingers’ crown, if you see what I mean; she is all about the aggressive takeover lifestyle.

A shapeshifter is present in the group. Yes, someone is practicing their illusionist talents while posing as Minsc. You have two options once Roah throws down the gauntlet: either become friends with her or turn into her deadliest adversary. Regardless of the road you take, Nine Fingers Keene will support you. You can depend on Nine Fingers to help you. If you decide to battle Roah, you can get 10,000 gold as a prize for beating her.

Stone Lord Or Nine Fingers Thieves Guild

There are some drawbacks whenever you prefer to go along with Nine Fingers Thieves, however siding with them will need you to murder the Stone Lord.

However, if you support the Stone Lord or Minsc, you are effectively aiding in the takeover of the current criminal guild by a new one. For better or worse, you have no choice but to help unless you decide to skip the mission completely.

Choosing To Support The Nine Fingers Thieves Guild

There are several consequences to helping the Nine Fingers Thieves Guild, but the most significant is that you will lose Jaheira, a highly strong companion, for the duration of your adventure. Aside from losing one buddy, you will also miss the opportunity to recruit Minsc, the Stone Lord. He is an extremely powerful melee ranger who can deal out a lot of damage. Choose the side of the Nine Fingers Thieves Guild if you want to continue the story of aiding a well-established criminal guild in damaging the assets of the town.

Choosing To Support The Stone Lord

You may acquire Minsc and retain Jaheira before the end game if you choose to save Stone Lord during the sewers level, which is considered the “best” ending in this scenario. You will be able to recruit the Guild later in the game, so don’t be too concerned about this option. You’ll aid criminals anyway, so there’s no use in contemplating the morality of your decision during this task; it’s all about taking advantage of every opportunity to recruit associates.

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