Side missions and collectibles | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Guide

Side missions and collectibles | Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Guide

Side missions and collectibles | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Guide

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an open-world game, it therefore offers a good amount of additional content to supplement the main campaign. To help you in your quest for 100% and platinum, or simply so that you don’t miss anything, we have prepared this page which lists everything indicating when each of them is unlocked but it also serves to group the links guide articles for the latter.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Side Missions Guide

There are several types of side activities in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 , most of which are scripted as side quests. Some are only available from a certain point in the game or after performing a specific action or activity.

  • Side stories
    • Grand finale (unlocks after doing the Mysteriums)
    • Make way for the future (unlocks after doing the Ranger’s Caches)
  • ASDQ app queries
    • Missing grandfather
    • Fireworks on the roofs
    • Collaborative photography
    • Howard
    • Problematic graffiti
    • The Queens Monster
  • The Flame (unlocks after the Amends Honorable mission, when playing Peter)
  • Brooklyn Visions (unlocks after the Amends Honorable mission, when playing Miles)
    • Brooklyn Visions Forum
    • Bad joke
    • Alumni Ball
    • Camera, engine… action!
    • Gift
  • Museum of Culture (unlocks after the Funky mission )
    • Bebop
    • Notes of hope

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Collectibles Guide

This part of our guide will list all the types of collectibles present in the game, distributed in each of the districts of New York.

  • Memories of Marko
  • Pictures
  • Ranger Caches
  • EMF Experiments (unlocks during the Heal the World mission )
  • Hunters’ Hideouts (unlocks after the Terror of the Neighborhood mission )
  • Hunter Bases (unlocks after the Neighborhood Terror mission )
  • Spider-bots (unlocks after the mission A Spider-Spy? )
  • Mysteriums (unlocks after the Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt mission )
  • Unknown Targets (unlocks after the On My Own Wings mission )
  • Symbiote Nests (unlocks after the Trouble with Harry mission )
  • List of Peter’s costumes
  • List of Miles costumes

For all our other guides concerning the main story or the collectibles of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or for any other information, do not hesitate to browse our complete guide to the game . These guides were written in collaboration between Jordan, Haseo, FloRizzo and Doodz.




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