Skill Tree and Relic Ability Guide – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Skill Tree and Relic Ability Guide – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 has a complex skill progression system through which players can develop their characters to suit their playstyle. You can level up five different attributes and unlock a variety of perks. The Phantom Liberty extension adds a new attribute to the list called Relic. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


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What is the Relic Skill Tree in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

The Relic skill tree offers limited but powerful upgrades for your character that you can only take advantage of if you purchased the Phantom Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. This skill tree is unlocked at the beginning of the Dogtown quest, right after your first NPC encounter “Songbird”. . It can be found in the Character menu along with other skill trees. However, you cannot use regular perk points for this.

How to get Relic Points

Unlocking the ability in the Relic skill tree requires Relic Points, which you can get by hacking Militech Data Terminals can only be found in Dogtown. Songbird will also provide you with several Relic Points, including three that you will receive upon your first encounter.

All the abilities of the Relic skill tree in Cyberpunk 2077

There are three main abilities to unlock in the Relic skill tree, and each of them has an additional associated perk that enhances the base ability. Basic abilities can be unlocked for three Relic Points each, and associated perks can be unlocked for one Relic Point.

Jail break

Jailbreak unlocks different abilities depending on the Arm Cyberware you have installed:

  • Mantis Blades : Performing a finishing move with Mantis Blades charges a jump attack. The charged jump attack has a range of 30 meters longer and deals massive damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • Gorilla Arms : Attacking with Gorilla Arms charges them. When fully charged, the powerful attack deals massive damage and creates a shockwave that staggers nearby enemies.
  • Projectile Launching System : Recharge the projectile launching system to fire a burst of five projectiles that cover a large area.
  • Monowire : Allows you to install a quick control hack into the dedicated Monowire mod slot. Unleash a fully charged Monowire to deal damage and load up a quick hack without paying for its RAM.

Below are four expansion bonuses for the Prison Break ability that require one Relic Point to unlock:

  • Dimensional Mapping – Blades of the Mantis : All jumping attacks damage enemies and increase the chance of dismemberment for 10 seconds.
  • Limiter Release – Gorilla Arms : The shockwave from a charged attack knocks down all enemies in range.
  • Launch Power Override – Projectile Launch System : Carry one additional projectile charge.
  • Data Tunneling – Monowire : When an enemy is hit by a Monowire Fast Hack, further attacks will spread the Monowire Fast Hack to that enemy and others.

Emergency disguise

It allows you to activate optical camouflage during combat, which makes enemies lose sight of you. You can use this ability to escape combat or defeat your enemies. You can unlock the following related emergency disguise perk for one relic point:

  • Sensory Protocol : When you crouch, being detected by an enemy temporarily slows down time, giving you the opportunity to escape. The cooldown for this ability is 120 seconds.

Vulnerability Analytics

This perk allows you to detect vulnerabilities or weak points of an enemy during combat. Hit the highlighted vulnerability to gain 100% critical strike chance and +25% armor penetration. Destroying the vulnerability causes an EMP explosion that damages enemies within a three meter radius. Here is the corresponding perk for vulnerability analysis:

  • Machine Learning : Destroying an enemy vulnerability increases the chance of creating another by 10 percent and increases critical damage from vulnerabilities by 5 percent. The effects last 25 seconds and can stack five times.


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