Sony Plans to Make a Movie from a Game Series

Sony Plans to Make a Movie from a Game Series

Sony Plans to Make a Movie from a Game Series

Sony is planning to make a movie from a game series. We can accept that Sony has a big place in the gaming industry. However, we have to admit that it has a great place not only in the gaming industry but also in the cinema industry.

The company was already working entirely in the cinema and music industry before entering the gaming industry. Afterwards, the company entered the gaming industry with the Playstation brand and grew even further.

With this growth, they have now turned more towards the gaming side. They released games specifically for their consoles, produced and sold a lot of consoles, and got to where they are now. The company had also ventured into the business of making movies from games. They started this movie last year with Uncharted, one of the famous series. Now the company has decided to make a game series into a movie again.

Which Playstation Game Will Sony Make a Movie With?

In fact, there were many rumors about Sony making a movie According to rumors , Sony was considering making movies with different game series. However, the current rumor is about a series that has not been mentioned before. It has been revealed which series the company is considering making a movie with. Rumor has it that Sony is considering making a movie for the Ratchet And Clank series.

This rumor comes from a Twitter user whose rumors are accurate. According to the information received by this user, Ruben Fleischer will direct the film. This director had previously directed the first Venom and Uncharted movies. In this respect, we can say that the director has experience in Sony ‘s game films. Sony is considering Tom Holland and Chris Pratt for the leading roles in the film . Rumor has it that Tom Holland will play the character of Jak . Chris Pratt will voice the character Daxter . Considering that Sony has good relations with these players, it seems like a logical choice.

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