Sony: Reaching PlayStation 5 Will Be Easier

Sony: Reaching PlayStation 5 Will Be Easierv

Sony: Reaching PlayStation 5 Will Be Easier

When Sony releases a new console, it always manages to be the center of attention. This was also true for PlayStation 5 . However, the new console could not attract attention due to the chip shortage that came with the pandemic period.

A serious stock problem arose in consoles that attracted a lot of attention. It was quite difficult to reach consoles in our country and in many regions, especially in Europe. However, if we evaluate the latest blog post shared by Sony, stock problems will now be eliminated.

It Will Be Easier to Reach PlayStation 5

The Japanese giant, which talked about global stock problems in its blog post the other day, officially accepted that it has gone through a difficult period.

However, it is also stated that this troubled period is largely behind us. In the same blog post, it was said that PlayStation 5 will now be easier to access .

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The stock problems seem to have been largely resolved. Even Sony; He also stated that players living in Germany, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, France, England, Belgium and Luxembourg can buy their new game consoles directly from the PlayStation online store.

What is the situation in Turkey?

Unfortunately, I cannot say anything for Türkiye. Because we know the allegations that have been circulating for a while. Allegedly, Sony is about to withdraw from Turkey. It is said that the PlayStation division may also be affected by this. In fact, according to current allegations, it is even said that the PlayStation side in Turkey will be moved to Dubai.

PlayStation 5 stock problems in our country have not been resolved. We don’t know what will happen if these latest claims turn out to be true. Now we will wait and see. For now, let’s add Sony’s blog post here . We hope that the situation in Türkiye will become clear soon.

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