Spider-Man 2: How to make puzzles easier

Spider-Man 2: How to make puzzles easier

Spider-Man 2: How to make puzzles easier

To add to the combat and excitement,  Spider-Man 2  features a variety of puzzles. They vary in difficulty, but some players may not want to deal with such frustrating obstacles. Insomniac has your back because you can make puzzles easier, and this guide will show you how.

How to Simplify Puzzles in Spider-Man 2

To make puzzles easier in  Spider-Man 2  ,  press the Options button on your Dualsense. Next, go to Settings, then scroll down to Accessibility Options. Here, scroll down to the Gameplay Help section, where you will find the Simplify Puzzles option. Turn it on and the puzzles you encounter will become less challenging.

Making the puzzles easier will not prevent you from completing the game 100%, nor will it stop you from unlocking the Platinum trophy. This option is simply meant to help players get through the puzzle sections that may be interesting, but are not central to the game.


With extensive accessibility options, you can customize specific aspects of the gameplay to create the challenge you want. If you’re worried about combat, there’s an option to slow down gameplay, giving you more time to anticipate attacks and strike back.


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