Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker’s Best Costumes

Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker's Best Costumes

Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker’s Best Costumes

As you fight crime and explore New York, you’ll accumulate Hero Tokens, City Tokens, and Tech Parts. You can spend them on many things, including gadgets and costume technology. Save a few tokens and parts to unlock the costumes, as there are plenty of them.


While Peter looks good in his classic red and blue suit, there are some other interesting options, including some gifts for longtime fans of the franchise. This guide will look at the best costumes for Peter Parker in  Spider-Man 2  .

Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker's Best Costumes

Arah Knight Costume

In  Spider-Man 2,  you can equip web wings to soar across the city. You’re not quite flying, but it feels pretty close. When you’re soaring through the sky, it’s great to have a cape trailing behind you. This can be done by wearing the Arachnight Costume.


It has a cape with a hood, as well as armored linings on the sleeves. All the colors look great, but the white and red suit is my favorite.

Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker's Best Costumes

Spider Punk

Peter Parker’s story in  Spider-Man 2  is a little dark due to the symbiote, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Peter’s Spider-Punk costume makes him look like a true rebel without sacrificing Spider-Man’s sleek aesthetic. It consists of a sleeveless denim jacket and a pointed mohawk.

Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker's Best Costumes

Iron Spider Armor

This is a crossover with excellent results. The armor makes Peter Parker look like Iron Man, and the shiny material shows off the reflection of light in the game. Ideally, you should wear a red suit, although a gold and white suit looks good too.

Anti-window suit

The Anti-Ock Suit is a futuristic suit with a large Spider-Man logo on the front. Dress him up in white and Spider-Man will look like a ghost running through New York City. The red version also looks good if you want to keep the traditional Spider-Man colors.

In a noir costume from the spider-verse

Possibly the best costume in the game, it just oozes personality. In it, Peter is wearing a black raincoat with the collar turned up. He also wears a black fedora to complete the look. When putting on a suit, the Flim Style animation is enabled by default. It’s a cool visual effect that makes Peter move like he’s in a hand-drawn movie.

Spider-Man 2 has  two main characters, so you’ll also have to purchase costumes for Miles Morales. To unlock them, complete actions in the city.

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