Starfield: A Guide with Answers to All Lou’s Questions. What is the Vanguard motto in Starfield?

Starfield: A Guide with Answers to All Lou's Questions. What is the Vanguard motto in Starfield?

Things get a little shaky at the start of the UC Vanguard questline in StarfieldOn the one hand, you have pirates. Another? Gluttonous alien monsters. It’s not easy being a space cop. In the latter case, you begin a quest in which you meet a surly bar owner who gives you a quiz. If you’re having trouble answering Lu’s question in  Starfield  , such as the meaning of the Vanguard’s motto, look no further.


Bartender Lou gives you a dressing down as part of the “Delivering the Devils” mission for the Vanguard. It follows the mission “Dirty Jobs”, in which a routine check turned into a battle with a Terrormorph. Now that the number has officially reached 11, you need to find someone who can help: Percival Walker. However, finding it is not so easy. You are taken to Cydonia, Mars to follow the clues. The first stop is the Commerce Department, where Walker used to work. He no longer works there and has debt. You’ll be directed to a bar in the lower levels of Sidonia, where you’ll meet the one and only Lou.

All Lou’s answers in  Starfield  – What is the motto of the Vanguard?

Bartender Lou can put you back on the path to finding Walker, but first you need to pass his test. Since this is a military bar, Lu has prepared questions that only Vanguard members can answer. Here’s Lu’s Q&A in the Starfield, including the meaning of the Vanguard’s motto:


What does Vanguard’s motto “Supra et Ultra” mean?

  • It is Latin and means “Above and Beyond.”

“  What grade did you get in the entrance exam? A? WITH? D-plus? 

  • Answer: “The Avangard entrance exam is not graded that way.”

That’s right, he only asks two questions. Apparently, the Vanguard knowledge book is more of a brochure.


What happens if you choose the wrong answers?

If you choose the wrong answers, nothing serious will happen. Lou smugly exclaims that he knew all along that you were “full of it” and that wouldn’t help. But then he just…really helps if you push him a little. No matter what, you will not be disqualified from continuing the quest.

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