Starfield A Parting Gift Walkthrough

Starfield A Parting Gift Walkthrough

Help out an old lady named Zawadi in the Parting Gift mission by delivering a letter to her pen pal in Starfield.

How to unlock the Parting Gift mission

To initiate the “A Parting Gift” side mission in Starfield, engage in a conversation with Zawadi Wade within the MAST District of New Atlantis, located on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri Star System. Look for her seated on the benches directly in front of the NAT transit stop, close to the Chunks outlet.

Following your interaction with Zawadi, your Mission HUD in Starfield will be promptly updated to include “A Parting Gift” within the Miscellaneous tab.

How to complete A Parting Gift in Starfield

To successfully undertake the “A Parting Gift” side mission within the Starfield universe, you’ll need to begin by heading to the Pioneer Towers NAT Station, situated in the MAST district of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison within the Alpha Centauri System.

Upon exiting the NAT Station, keep an eye out for an elderly woman with silver-grey hair, donning a distinctive blue and grey coat. This affable lady is none other than Zawadi Wade, a warm-hearted individual who possesses a wealth of wisdom, should you choose to engage in conversation.

Zawadi confides in you about her need for assistance in delivering a handwritten letter to her pen pal, Haddie, who resides at the distant Community Center in Cydonia. Your mission is straightforward: act as a courier on Zawadi’s behalf. She is even willing to provide an upfront payment of 1000 Credits as a token of her gratitude for your services.

Deliver the letter to Haddie

Armed with the letter, proceed to Cydonia, located on the planet Mars within the Sol System, to locate Haddie.

Your destination is the Mining Colony within Cydonia. Upon arrival, head towards the ramp area and keep an eye out for the entrance to the Cydonia Residential sector, which is easily recognizable by its vibrant orange hue. This entrance is situated to your left and is conveniently positioned opposite The Trade Authority Outpost, a location you may recall from your previous visits during the “Delivering Devils” and “Runaway” missions.

Inside the open hall, down the stairs, you will encounter Haddie Gustavsson. Haddie is typically found alone, either near the coffee table or within the gym area. She sports short blonde hair adorned with half braids and is attired in an orange shirt paired with blue overalls.

Talk to her and hand over the letter Zawadi tasked you with. She will be happy to hear about it and wishes she could meet her in person but she came here to Cydonia to find peace after her son’s passing. With the letter delivered, A Parting Gift side mission will be completed in Starfield.

Starfield – A Parting Gift mission rewards

Despite being one of the shortest missions in Starfield, A Parting Gift side mission is pretty open-handed with Credits as rewards.

Completing A Parting Gift miscellaneous mission rewards you with 100 XP, 2300 Credits, 1300 for completing the mission, and the 1000 extra Credits from Zawadi in Starfield

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