Starfield All For One Walkthrough

Starfield All For One Walkthrough

The “All for One” mission requires you to convince Dietrich Seighart to stand up to the illegal shop activities of Neon City in Starfield.

“All for One” is among the myriad miscellaneous side quests in Starfield that call upon your leadership abilities to combat corruption within Neon City.

This mission entails convening with a local vendor and his rival, with the goal of forging a united front against the corrupt elements, all while setting aside their personal differences.

How to unlock All for One Mission

Initiating the All for One mission in Starfield commences with a conversation with James Newill. His establishment, Newill’s Goods, is situated in Neon City. To begin, access your mission log and opt for the “James Newill” activity after arriving in the city.

How to complete All for One in Starfield

Engage in a conversation with James to discover that he possesses untapped potential beyond his competitor, Dietrich Sieghart. It becomes evident that there might be an opportunity to assist James in enhancing his business within Neon City.

Delve deeper into the topic of Sieghart and express your willingness to aid James in rallying store owners against the nefarious activities plaguing their businesses.

While optional, it is advisable to also converse with James’s wife, Rosa, who can provide an alternate perspective on the situation. Her presence can bolster your chances of successfully persuading Sieghart. You’ll find Rosa within the store as well.

Find a way to persuade Dietrich Seighart

Following your conversation with James’s wife, proceed to Sieghart Outfitters, conveniently situated near the central elevator in the heart of Neon Core. Here, engage in casual conversation with Sieghart.

To initiate the persuasion process, opt for the dialogue option: “James Newill objects to you paying Neon security protection fees.”

Your only task is to persuade Seighart. If you somehow lack the persuasion skills and fail to persuade Sieghart return to Newill’s wife Rosa who’ll convince Seighart regardless.

Return to James Newill

Return to rendezvous with James and apprise him of Sieghart’s willingness to collaborate, signifying the successful conclusion of the All for One side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – All for One mission rewards

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