Starfield Bare Metal Walkthrough

Starfield Bare Metal Walkthrough

You must find a way to deal with someone named the Warlord in the Bare Metal mission of Starfield. He likes to also play dress-up.

How to unlock the Bare Metal mission

To initiate the Bare Metal mission, you should initiate a conversation with Frank Renic, who operates his shop, Neon Tactical, within Starfield. Neon Tactical is situated in the Neon Core district of Neon City, part of the Volli System.

To easily locate Frank Renic, you can check your mission log, where you’ll find a task labeled “Speak with Frank Renic.” This prompt will appear shortly after you arrive in Neon City, aiding you in locating him.

How to complete Bare Metal in Starfield

Following a brief discussion with Frank, he will acquaint you with a graffiti artist known as Warlord, who defaced his robot. When you offer your assistance, it triggers the initiation of the Bare Metal side quest.

To locate Warlord, head to the Euphorika bar situated in Ebbside. Access Ebbside by using the door to the right of Frank’s shop.

Deal with Warlord

You’ll be given two options while dealing with Warlord. Either persuade him to pay for damages he caused to Frank’s robot or kill him and retrieve the Credits from him and return them to Frank.

Whatever decision you make will have no impact on the Bare Metal side quest in Starfield.

Should you persuade or kill Warlord?

Eliminating Warlord is an elective task within the Bare Metal mission in Starfield. Opting to confront and dispatch him can earn you additional credits and experience points.

It’s worth noting that even if you initially succeed in persuading him, you still have the option to attack and eliminate him after he provides the credits. Your choice should align with your character’s disposition, as the ultimate outcome remains unchanged, regardless of your decision.

Return to Frank

Once you’re done with Warlord, head back to Frank to complete the Bare Metal side quest in Starfield.

Starfield – Bare Metal mission rewards


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