Starfield Best Crew Members Ranked

Starfield Best Crew Members Ranked

Your crew members will be with you as you journey across the starts in Starfield. Some of them are good, some are okay, and you need to know who’s who.

Starfield, with its vast expanse, can become a solitary experience when you traverse the cosmos unaccompanied. Fortunately, the game offers the option to enlist and employ a crew. In Starfield, the presence of crew members is crucial for tackling intricate tasks like Ship Handling and Outpost Management.

Initially, you have a selection of just 3 crew members, but you have the potential to expand your crew to a maximum of 8 members. To recruit additional crew members in Starfield, you must ascend in Ship Command Level. Various methods are available for recruiting or hiring crew members, including completing quests and patronizing Spaceport Bars.

6. Omari Hassan

If you find space battles challenging and struggle with maneuvering, consider recruiting Hassan. His proficiency in Starship Engineering is a valuable asset, enabling him to conduct ship repairs at an accelerated pace and enhance your Shields’ effectiveness.

You can enlist Hassan in Starfield at Akila City, where he can be found at the Hitching Post on the planet Akila. Employing your Persuasion skill can recruit him for a fee of 8250 Credits. However, failing to persuade him will result in a higher cost of 16500 Credits.

5. Rafael Aguarro

Rafael stands as an indispensable crew member, often considered a must-have for many spacefarers. His expertise lies in rapidly establishing outposts throughout the system, thanks to his remarkable Outpost Engineering and Management skills. Moreover, he possesses the invaluable Starship Engineering Trait, which can significantly reduce incoming damage by a staggering 25%.

To recruit Rafael in Starfield, you must progress through the Entangled quest, a central Constellation mission. During this mission, you’ll need to make a critical choice to save Rafael, although it will come at the cost of the lives of others. Once this pivotal mission concludes, head to the Viewport Bar in New Atlantis, where you’ll find Rafael. Grateful for your actions, he will extend an offer to join your crew free of charge.

4. Supervisor Lin

Supervisor Lin plays a pivotal role as part of the initial welcoming committee when you first enter the game. She is the first NPC you engage with, guiding you into the mines during your initial experiences. Later in the game, you have the opportunity to recruit her when you reach the “Back to Vectera” main quest in Starfield.

Supervisor Lin, a key figure in the welcoming committee, assumes the role of the first NPC you encounter upon entering the game for the first time. She’s responsible for introducing you to the mines during your initial experiences. Later in the game, when you progress to the “Back to Vectera” main quest in Starfield, you’ll have the chance to recruit her.

During this encounter, Lin will discuss the possibility of joining your crew and extend her offer. To enlist her, simply agree to her terms, and she will join your crew without any recruitment fee. Lin specializes in Outpost Management, making her an invaluable asset for overseeing your outposts. Additionally, she possesses the Demolitions expert skill, which enhances the blast radius of all your explosive items.

3. Heller

If your primary focus in Starfield is farming, then Heller is the top choice for you. He excels in Geology skills, which enable him to pinpoint the optimal mining locations wherever you go. While his expertise may not be as beneficial aboard ships, he truly shines when it comes to managing outposts.

To recruit Heller, you must complete the “Back to Vectera” main quest. Toward the conclusion of this quest, you’ll have the opportunity to rescue Heller. In gratitude for your assistance, he will gladly offer his services as a crew member at no cost after the quest’s completion.

2. Sam Coe

Recruiting Sam Coe ranks among the best choices for crew members in Starfield, and the best part is that he won’t cost you a single credit. To secure his services, simply accompany him to Akila during the “Empty Nest” quest in Starfield. Following this, he will extend an offer to join your crew without any associated fee.

Sam Coe proves invaluable, especially if you frequently embark on space voyages. With a Piloting skill at level 4, he significantly bolsters your spaceship’s maneuverability, ensuring smooth navigation. Additionally, Sam brings an added Payload skill, enhancing your ship’s capacity to carry more weight.

1. Andromeda Kepler

Andromeda Kepler is unarguably the best crew member in Starfield. You can find her anywhere in the game. She is renowned for her ship skills, as Kepler’s Aneutronic Fusion skill gives you an additional energy unit on the ship. Her Piloting Skill is also helpful in the controlling of Thrusters. Kepler also excels at the Outpost Tasks assigned to her.

She is found on Mars, at the Broken Spear at Cydonia. If you have invested points into your Persuasion, you can get her to join for as low as 7500 Credits. If not, the price set by the developers is 15000 Creds


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