Starfield: Best Space Pirate Build

Starfield: Best Space Pirate Build

Having an evil playthrough in Starfield won’t be complete unless you become a space pirate and we have the perfect build for that.


Character setup for Starfield Space Pirate build

In Starfield, the availability of diverse character builds is somewhat limited, given the absence of a traditional stats or attributes system. Nonetheless, by carefully selecting the appropriate equipment, appearance options, and honing essential skills, you can still fulfill your aspiration of becoming a Space Pirate in Starfield.

Best background for Space Pirate

The best background for a pirate build in Starfield is the Bounty Hunter. As a Bounty Hunter, your character gets to have Tech skills and you will unlock three of them from the start

  • Boost Pack Training
  • Targeting Control Systems
  • Piloting

This provides you with an immediate advantage in combat, particularly in the vast expanse of space where you’ll be maneuvering. Targeting Control equips you with the ability to disable specific ship components, facilitating effortless boarding maneuvers reminiscent of a genuine pirate. The Boost Pack, on the other hand, enables nimble movement, particularly in Zero-G environments, ensuring you can dash about with ease.

Best starting traits

Traits are an optional aspect of character development, but selecting the right traits can significantly impact your role as a space pirate in Starfield. Here are three recommended traits for your space pirate build:

1. **Freestar Collective Settler:** This trait primarily unlocks new dialogue options during conversations. Considering that Freestar Collectives are akin to gunslinging bounty hunters, this trait complements the space pirate archetype well.

2. **Bounty:** This trait places a bounty on your head, making you a target for bounty hunters who will attempt to capture or kill you. However, being aware of this threat comes with its advantages. Additionally, you’ll deal increased damage when your health is low.

3. **Spaced:** This trait enhances your oxygen and health when you’re in space but reduces these attributes when you’re on a planet’s surface. Keep in mind that your time on planets outweighs your time on space stations or boarded ships, so you may choose to forego this trait if desired.

These traits can enhance your space pirate experience in Starfield by offering unique advantages and role-playing opportunities.

Best skills for Pirate build in Starfield

Once your initial character creation is complete, the next step is to refine your character build by advancing in levels and acquiring the appropriate skills as you work towards establishing your pirate legacy. Given the vast array of skills and their upgrades available in Starfield, it’s crucial not to squander skill points. To aid you in this endeavor, we have compiled recommendations for the most suitable skills to select for your pirate build in Starfield.

The majority of our investment will be channeled into the Tech skill tree, and this section will primarily concentrate on that aspect.

Starfield: Best Space Pirate Build

Firstly, we have the Ballistic Weapon System skill for space pirates in Starfield. By rank four, we will have our ballistic weapons damage on our ship rise by 30%, the recharge rate of these weapons will also be 30% faster, and in the targeting mode, they will cost 20% less and will do 50% more damage to individual systems which primarily helps us to stop fire back on our ships.

We’ve already unlocked Boost Pack Training as part of our background, granting us the ability to utilize boost packs efficiently, reducing their fuel consumption, and speeding up their regeneration.

Next on our skill list is Piloting, another proficiency acquired through our background. Piloting is a crucial skill for this Space Pirate build, and all four ranks of Piloting are integral to enhancing our ship-related capabilities. It enables us to operate Class B and Class C ships in Starfield, expanding our piloting versatility.

Security is the following essential skill, granting us the ability to unlock advanced and expert locks. After all, what kind of pirate would we be if we couldn’t liberate valuable treasures? As we dock with ships and endeavor to plunder them, we’ll encounter numerous locked doors and loot crates, necessitating proficient lock-picking skills and digipicks.

Lastly, we highly recommend acquiring the Targeting Control Systems skill. If you opted for the Bounty Hunter background, you should already possess the first rank of this skill. Targeting Control Systems, with each rank, significantly reduces the time required to lock onto enemy ships. Moreover, target-locked enemy ships will fire at us 25% slower, a vital factor for optimizing damage output. With the ability to disable ships effortlessly, we can embark on a space piracy spree, amassing a substantial bounty on our head.

While there are other skills to unlock based on personal preferences, the skills we’ve highlighted here are our top recommendations for this Space Pirate build in Starfield.

Best gear items for space pirate

The gear section will be divided into two segments: mid-game and late-game.

In the early game, your first priority is to acquire a spacesuit that embodies the essence of a pirate – it’s all about looking intimidating! One way to achieve this is by eliminating Brogan during the “One Small Step” mission, which will grant you access to a high-quality armor set.

As for apparel, initially, you have the flexibility to choose attire that suits your personal style. However, once you align yourself with the Crimson Fleet faction to fully embrace the pirate lifestyle in Starfield, you’ll be outfitted with the Swashbuckling apparel, which should complete your authentic pirate appearance.

Regarding weaponry, the Maelstrom rifle is an excellent choice for a reliable firearm. For close-quarters combat, consider the Keelhauler and any shotgun of your preference.

In the mid-game phase, it’s advisable to obtain the Corsair Pirate Helm and Corsair Armor for added protection and that genuine pirate look. Additionally, securing the Mag Shear Revenant is crucial, as it serves as your primary signature weapon, ultimately completing your Starfield pirate build.



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