Starfield Charity Of The Wolf Walkthrough

Starfield Charity Of The Wolf Walkthrough

Get ready to help out the poor by collecting donations and looking up a delayed wheat shipment in Starfield’s Charity of the Wolf.

How to unlock the Charity of the Wolf mission

Charity of the Wolf requires you to complete a little activity in Starfield. Head over to Akila City and bump into a patrolling guard outside of Coe’s Estate. He will inform you about Amira Wolf who might need your help at the Low House.

How to complete Charity of the Wolf in Starfield

Upon reaching Akila City, your destination is Low House. Starting from the city’s main entrance near the Spaceport, proceed straight until you spot a green statue. Turn left at the statue and continue ahead until you reach Sinclair’s book tower.

From there, head left through an alley and descend the stairs you come across. Follow these stairs down to a road. Once on the road, head right, and on the left side, you’ll find Low House.

Enter Low House and speak with Amira Wolf. She’ll explain that they are dedicated to providing meals and shelter for those in need. She’ll request a donation of just 100 credits. Choose the second dialogue option to agree to help her.

Amira is concerned about the delay in the IntelliWheat shipment, which has exceeded its expected arrival time. She asks for your assistance in investigating the reason for the delay.

Ask Sarah Filburn about late shipment

Next, locate Sarah Filburn to inquire about the reason for the shipment delay. If you’ve activated your mission tracking, follow the blue marker to Sarah Filburn’s location in the residential area.

You can easily identify her house, marked as “Weston Filburn’s House” on the door. Enter the house and engage in a conversation with her, during which she will discuss her concerns.

Wait for the moment when she offers her assistance in any way. Now, inform her that you were sent by Amira Wolf to inquire about the delay in the Wheat Shipment.

She will explain that the farming equipment needs a physical reboot, but no one is willing to do it due to the presence of Ashta creatures in the area.

Proceed to the location where the farming equipment is situated. Again, follow the blue marker, which will guide you outside the city through a gate.

Once on the other side of the gate, you will encounter a structure where you must engage in combat with the Ashta enemies who have taken control of the farming equipment. Defeat them to clear the area.

Reboot the farming equipment

Once the area is clear, take the stairs and reboot the Filburn Automated Farming Computer. Then return to Amira and tell her the good news.

She will ask you to find three people and collect the donations from them for the Low House.

Get the donations

The first individual from whom you need to collect donations is Duncan Lynch, located in the Trade Authority tower within Akila City. Upon reaching the tower following the blue marker, you can request a donation, but he will promptly decline.

The second person from whom you need to collect donations is Reisha Lance. She can be found in the Laredo Firearms shop near the Trade Authority tower. When you approach her for a donation, she readily agrees.

The third person you need to collect a donation from is Mayor Elias Cartwright. Continue following the blue marker to reach his location. When you request a donation from him, he also provides it without hesitation.

Return to Amira Wolf

Once you have gathered all the donations, return to Amira to inform her that you have brought contributions for Low House.

She will express her gratitude and mention that Sarah has provided the credits to be given to you for helping everyone by defeating the Ashta.

Next, she will ask you to complete one more task for her, which involves collecting IntelliWheat and delivering it to Simone Jansen. You can easily locate him near your current location by following the blue marker.

Upon reaching Simone, he will express his thanks for your assistance to those in need. This action will conclude the Charity of the Wolf side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Charity of the Wolf mission rewards

On your successful completion of the Charity of the Wolf side mission in Starfield, you will be able to acquire 200 EXP and 5000 Credits.

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