Starfield Danra Survey Guide

Starfield Danra Survey Guide

Danra is a planet in Starfield that players can visit to get its survey data.

How to 100% Survey Danra in Starfield

As Danra has no flora or fauna, scanning it only includes the four resources and one unknown trait found here.

Danra Survey Checklist   

You must look for the following in the Survey Checklist while surveying Danra in Starfield.

Name Found Terrain Description
Aluminum (Al) Mountain “Aluminium is a precious metal used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear in Starfield. It is also used in the Outpost Construction.”
Helium-3 (He-3) Mountain “Helium-3 can be used for crafting, building outposts, and upgrading your gear. It is also used as a fuel to power Fueled Generators or Cargo Links.”
Iridium (Ir) Mountain “Iridium is an uncommon metal used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear as well as in Research Projects.”
Uranium (U) Mountain

“Uranium is an uncommon resource used as a fuel in nuclear reactors, generating energy through controlled nuclear fission.”

All Flora and Fauna on Danra

Danra, a planet within the Starfield universe, possesses notably low concentrations of oxygen and water—two essential elements for the survival of flora and fauna on any celestial body. Consequently, you won’t encounter any entries for flora and fauna in the Danra Survey Checklist due to these limiting factors.

How to Find Resources on Danra

Upon touching down on Danra, your objective is to locate the four resources listed in the Survey Checklist. To accomplish this, simply equip your scanner and approach any object marked with a blue outline. As you scan each resource, the blue highlight will transition to green. Continue this process until you’ve identified the following resources:

All Biomes on Danra in Starfield

Biomes on Danra are dependent on oxygen and water to thrive. Consequently, the Survey Checklist for Danra does not include any living biomes. To explore such diverse ecosystems, you should consider visiting other planets or moons like “Frozen Volcanic” and “Mountains” where you can encounter various biomes.

How to Discover Danra Traits

There is one trait that you will need to look for on Starfield Danra’s surface:

If you’re having trouble locating a particular resource, consider landing your ship in a different region on the planet’s surface. Once you successfully scan the trait, your survey of Danra’s planet in Starfield will reach 100% completion. While you’re at it, take the opportunity to capture some beautiful shots of this planet with your camera.


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