Starfield Delivering Devils Walkthrough

Starfield Delivering Devils Walkthrough

“Delivering Devils” revolves mostly around the matter of clearing Percival’s debt in Starfield. That and a few other objectives.

How to unlock the Delivering Devils mission

To access “Delivering Devils,” you must first fulfill the requirements by completing “Grunt Work” for The United Colonies faction in Starfield. Once you’ve met these prerequisites, your Mission HUD will be updated automatically, incorporating “Delivering Devils” into the Faction tab.

How to complete Delivering Devils in Starfield

Begin by accepting the mission from Commander Tuala, located in New Atlantis on Jemison within the Alpha Centauri System. Your initial objective is to visit the Trade Authority to inquire about Percival.

Utilize fast travel to reach Cydonia on Mars within the Sol System, then proceed to the Central Hub of Cydonia. As you continue forward, you’ll spot the Trade Authority Outpost on your right, just before the staircase.

Enter the outpost and approach the desk where Oktai Enbayar is stationed, situated on the opposite side of the counter. Oktai discloses that Dr. Percival Walker was initially hired for medical services but absconded following a disciplinary incident.

Due to outstanding debts, Percival hasn’t returned, but as a gesture of goodwill, Oktai suggests you investigate The Sixth Circle bar in your quest to locate Percival and, if feasible, recover the owed money.

Visit the Sixth Circle Bar

Depart from the Trade Authority Outpost and ascend the stairs, then utilize the elevator on the right to reach the P2 Level. Right around the corner, behind the guard, you’ll find The Sixth Circle.

Engage in conversation with Lou, the bartender, who will inquire about your motive for seeking Percival Walker. Regardless of your response, the outcome remains unchanged. However, if you opt for the Vanguard dialogue choice, he’ll question you about the UC Vanguard motto.

The correct answer to this query is “Above and Beyond.” Alternatively, if you have Sarah Morgan accompanying you, you can select her dialogue option, and she will vouch for your credibility.

Ultimately, Lou discloses that Percival enjoys a degree of notoriety among the Devils. If you manage to resolve his debt, they may be willing to divulge his whereabouts.

Find a way to clear the matter of Percival’s debt

You will initially have two ways to clear Percival’s debt in the Delivering Devils mission of Starfield.

You can, firstly, pay the full amount to the Trade Authority, or break into their collections server and re-adjust their credits. However, if you have Lawful companions like Sarah Morgan, they will not like it if you go through this route.

Before heading out someone named Cambridge will call out to you and offer you another way you can pay off The Trade Authority.

If you clear out the Spacers in the Deep Mines and complete the last part of the research he and Percival were working on. You can hand that over to Oktai in place of Credits and he gets a better living condition.

Should you pay Percival’s debt or kill the Space leader?

The approach you take to resolve Percival’s debt in the “Delivering Devils” mission in Starfield hinges on your specific goals.

If you possess enough Credits and your primary aim is to swiftly complete the mission, opting to pay is a viable choice.

If you prefer not to invest additional time or resources, and if you have a higher level of security access, adjusting the debt amount is a quick process worth considering.

Alternatively, if you are an avid collector or seek a more immersive experience in Starfield, eliminating the Spacer Leader emerges as the most suitable path.

We strongly recommend taking the more extensive route and eliminating the Spacer Leader. This decision grants you the opportunity to delve into the deep mines, acquire rare valuables, and, notably, obtain the Pick-Me-Up drug recipe, enriching your Starfield experience.

Method 1: Pay Percival’s debt from your own pockets

If you wish to avoid any complications and have ample spare Credits, you have the option to settle Percival’s debt in the “Delivering Devils” mission in Starfield. The required sum to clear the debt with Oktai is 21,867 Credits, after which you can return to Lou at The Sixth Circle.

Method 2: Change Percival’s debt amount (optional)

Please be aware that to pursue this route, you must possess the capability to unlock Advanced Security Level locks. Upon departing from the Trade Authority Outpost, return upwards, and just before reaching the plastic blind, you’ll spot the Broken Spear on your left.

Navigate to the space situated behind the bar, ascend the stairs, and access the security room located at the end of the hallway on your right.

Proceed through the orange door at the back, take the initial right turn, and employ the Digipick to unlock the door at the base of the stairs.

Utilize the Accounts Computer and select the Attachment within Walker’s file. Scroll down and modify the Balance to your preferred amount. We recommend opting for 1000 Credits, as per Lou’s request.

Subsequently, return to Lou at The Sixth Circle bar to cover the expenses. In return, he will disclose information regarding Percival to you.

Starfield Delivering Devils Walkthrough

Method 3: Kill the Spacer leader (optional)

After your conversation with Lou, ride the elevator to return to the Main Level and exit the Mining Colony of Cydonia.

Proceed past your ship, approximately 1000 meters away, cresting over the hill, where you’ll come upon the Abandoned Mines infested with Spacers, rumored to be Cambridge’s research site.

Eliminate the hostile forces in the vicinity and utilize the adjacent staircase to access the building. Inside, employ the orange door to enter the Abandoned Mines.

Descend the flight of stairs and utilize the door to enter the primary mining zone. Head into the mine to the right of N44 and use the door, leading you even deeper below.

Upon reaching the end, turn right, pass through the door, and continue ahead until the platform terminates. Follow the pipes downward into the smaller mining caves.

Inside, you’ll encounter Spacer Scum, their leader, and their hatchlings. Dispatch them all to fulfill your objective of conveying a message to the Spacers in the “Delivering Devils” mission in Starfield.

Contact Cambridge on the Comms Panel (optional)

Take a right from the stairs where you killed the Spacer Leader. On your right, under the over-bridge, in the compound labeled Material n Lys, you will find the intercom you can use to contact Cambridge.

He will instruct you that to complete his research you need to analyze the Hematite sample using the Thresher machine and other details regarding their locations.

Collect the Aqueous Hematite Sample (optional)

To acquire the Aqueous Hematite sample during the “Delivering Devils” mission in Starfield, exit the room where you conversed with Cambridge.

On your right, behind the mine cart, you’ll spot a deposit ripe for mining with your laser gun. Extract the Hematite and return to your starting point.

Deposit the Hematite into the Sample Deposit slot and await the machine’s completion of its analysis. After a brief pause, retrieve it from the Data Collection Slot on the Thresher.

Reestablish contact with Cambridge through the Comms Panel and he will instruct you to return to the surface using the elevator within the room.

The Employee Exit Key, which powers the elevator, can be found atop The Thresher, near the location where you obtained the sample. Utilize the elevator to ascend and reunite with Cambridge at the Circle.

Return the data to Cambridge (optional)

Return to the Sixth Circle on the P2 Level of the Mining Colony of Cydonia to locate Cambridge. He will assemble the formula necessary to clear Percival’s Debt.

Cambridge’s plan entails you persuading Oktai that you possess a formula capable of enhancing miners’ efficiency on every front. Now, it’s time to employ your persuasive talents and present the Pick-Me-Up drug to the Trade Authority.

Engage Oktai at the Trade Authority Outpost on the Main Level. He will display interest in your proposal. With a bit more convincing, he will readily accept the formula, subsequently erasing Walker’s debt while awarding you 1000 Credits as compensation.

Find Percival in Starfield

After successfully settling Percival’s debt, return to Lou at The Sixth Circle and deliver the positive news.

In keeping with his part of the arrangement, Lou will reveal that Percival is currently hiding within the old Red Devil’s HQ. He will also inform Percival of your impending visit and provide you with the passkey for the door.

Utilize the Employee’s Exit, the same one employed during your completion of Cambridge’s Research, to exit the compound. Upon leaving, take a right turn and ascend the stairs situated at the tunnel’s terminus. The path ahead is straightforward; continue onward until you reach the Red Devils HQ building. You’ll recognize you’re on the correct route when you arrive at the cliff that requires a leap.

Access the tunnel on the right to descend to the HQ’s entrance, where Percival will be waiting outside for you.

Hand over the Terrormorph cells that Hadrian entrusted you with and await his analysis. He will caution that the sample has evolved into a perilous entity with the potential to spark a galaxy-wide pandemic.

Return to The Sixth Circle alongside Percival and reunite with Hadrian. They will delve into a discussion regarding the Red Devils’ pivotal role in Xenomorph warfare, a practice that led to the UC’s banishment. They require access to the Terramorph data stored in the Archives, but it remains locked, accessible only with The Cabinet’s authorization.

Listen as they strategize and work through the intricacies of the situation, culminating in preparations for your next mission, thus concluding the “Delivering Devils” faction mission in Starfield.

Starfield Delivering Devils Walkthrough

Starfield – Delivering Devils mission rewards

Completing the Delivering Devils faction mission for the UC Vanguard rewards you with 250XP and 8300 Credits in Starfield.



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