Starfield First Contact Walkthrough

Starfield First Contact Walkthrough

In First Contact, you need to negotiate with a capitalist firm for the fate of a ship and its crew in Starfield.

The items necessary for the crew’s quarters can either be borrowed from Captain Brackenbridge on the ECS ship or you could go ahead to any nearby store in Paradiso and purchase the items.

If you choose this option, you’ll be rewarded with an XM-2311 pistol in Starfield.

Option 2: Buy a new Grav Jump

The second option in the First Contact mission is to acquire a grav jump for the ECS ship in Starfield.

This choice involves meeting with Bennu St James at Hoptech on the Palvo planet and purchasing the Grav jump for 40,000 Credits. You will need to cover the cost yourself, as the board members of the Paradiso Resort won’t contribute.

However, if your persuasion skills are up to par, you can negotiate a discounted rate of 25,000 Credits.

Once you’ve obtained the Grav Jump, return to the ECS ship and consult with the engineering officer, Amin Kazemi, regarding its installation.

Amin will provide you with the following instructions to install the grav jump:

  • Reroute the power from the port turbopump to the auxiliary cryogenic radiator.
  • Turn the Plasma run off inhibitor to 5%
  • Decouple the magnetic flange pipe enclosures from the auxiliary module assembly.

You must complete all three of these steps in the exact order outlined above. The ship is equipped with computers; simply select the ones that require modification, and you’ll be on the right track.

If you perform these actions correctly, you will receive valuable antique items from Earth as a reward, which helps offset the significant expense you incurred for the ECS ship in the First Contact side quest in Starfield.

Option 3: Blow up the ship

This option is generally considered the worst. Oliver will present this offer to you as a hypothetical scenario. After Oliver finishes speaking, proceed to the ship and pickpocket the override key from Amin instead of engaging in conversation with him.

Once you possess the key, go to the reactor computer and insert the key. Choose the Emergency Overload option. Afterward, proceed to Captain Brackenbridge’s command bay, log in to her computer, and confirm the request.

You’ll have a limited time to exit the ECS and return to your ship. The ship will explode as you exit orbit, resulting in the deaths of everyone on board.

Return to Oliver to claim your rewards: 6,500X Credits and a lifetime pass to Paradiso Resort.

The best choice in First Contact

All three choices available in the First Contact quest will bring the mission to its conclusion in their respective ways in Starfield. The first choice, while well-intentioned, involves a time-consuming and laborious process of gathering materials for building the Crew’s quarters.

Our recommendation is to opt for the second choice, which involves purchasing a grav jump for the ECS ship. Although it incurs a significant cost, you’ll receive compensation in the form of valuable antique Earth items that can be sold to vendors for a substantial profit.

The third option should be avoided entirely, as it involves inhumane actions that result in the deaths of innocent people, all to benefit a capitalist who could have made different choices regarding the survivors on the Porrima II planet.


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