Starfield Heart Of Mars Walkthrough

Starfield Heart Of Mars Walkthrough

Heart of Mars is a side quest where you’re required to work as a miner to attain a small titanium…

How to unlock the Heart of Mars mission

To initiate the Heart of Mars side mission in Starfield, you must locate and engage in a conversation with Laylah Pulaski. She can typically be encountered within the mining area situated in the Central Hub of Cydonia.

Upon arriving in Cydonia, descend the stairs leading to the miner’s work zone. If you have either commenced or finished the Red Tape Blues mission, you’ll find Laylah in precisely the same location where you previously encountered Trevor.

How to complete Heart of Mars in Starfield

Speak with Laylah and choose the Heart of Mars dialogue when prompted. This will let you learn more about the stone.

After concluding the conversation, return to your spaceship and utilize the fast-travel feature to reach the cave that Laylah mentioned. In case the quest doesn’t appear on your Starmap, access your mission logs and select the Heart of Mars side quest.

However, before embarking for the cave, ensure that you have a Cutter in your inventory. This indispensable mining tool employs a laser for rock cutting, and it’s crucial for extracting the Heart of Mars in Starfield.

To acquire a Cutter, visit Denis Averin’s general store in Cydonia. Denis is the vendor who offers Cutters for sale. Additionally, you can seize this opportunity to pick up the Freight Fright and Refurbished Goods side missions from Denis.

Extract the Heart of Mars

The cave that Laylah mentioned is going to be very easy to find. You just need to fast-travel to your quest marker. Furthermore, the Heart of Mars is a few feet inside the cave.

Enter the cave and spot a small titanium rock on the ground. Take out your cutter and start using it on the rock to add the Heart of Mars to your inventory.

Starfield – Heart of Mars mission rewards

It is now time to get paid for your efforts. Return to Laylah and give her the Heart of Mars to receive 28,00 credits in return.

Suffice to say, Heart of Mars is one of the best side missions to complete early on for quick credits.


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