Starfield: How to find a new estate

Starfield: How to find a new estate

The solar system in Starfield is home to all the planets that make up our existing solar system. While Earth was practically destroyed in the Starfield timeline, all other planets prospered. Even some moons are doing well, with towns like New Homestead popping up on moons we wouldn’t even dream of traveling to in the real world today.


New Homestead is a hidden city that you can travel to from the beginning of Starfield. Since the solar system is close to Alpha Centauri, you can go there once you finish the tutorial missions. Of course, given that this is a hidden location, you may need help getting to the New Homestead in Starfield. This is where I come to the rescue.

Search for a new homestead in Starfield

As stated earlier, New Homestead is located in the solar system, which is northwest of Alpha Centauri. On the Sun, you can find New Homestead on the moon Titan, which orbits Saturn in the northwestern part of the system. Titan is the farthest moon northwest of Saturn, and by clicking on it you can see exactly where New Homestead is located.

Titan’s location on the Sun.

If you’ve never been to Titan before, you can quickly get there and then the United Colonies will check you for contraband on board your ship. Once you’ve passed the check, you can open the map again and then click on “New Homestead” to land there. Immediately upon arrival at the New Estate, a guard will greet you and invite you to go to the nearest building. This will trigger a new activity in your mission log, which you can track to begin your journey in a new city.

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