Starfield: How to find the Almagest

Starfield: How to find the Almagest

Almagest is one of the coolest places in the populated systems of the Starfield. This is an abandoned casino floating in the vast expanse of space, where you can freely enter and even win a big jackpot for yourself. However, like most Starfield attractions, this casino is not easy to find.


Once you manage to reach the Almagest, there is nothing stopping you from entering it and exploring the inside of the casino. So, the hardest part is simply identifying which system it is on, which you can learn from the guide below.

Finding the Almagest in Starfield

To find the Almagest, you need to log in to the Olympus system. This system is located east of Alpha Centauri and northwest of Volia on your galaxy map. It’s right next to another system called Aranae, so you’ll want to make sure you select Olympus when viewing it on the map.

Location of the Almagest on Olympus.

Once on Olympus, you can find the Almagest near the planet Nesa on the western side of the system’s Sun. You can quickly travel straight to the Almagest, and then, once within 500 kilometers of it, dock at the floating casino.

Almagest floats in space.

Although you are free to explore the casino, upon arrival you will not be the only one present in the Almagest. There will be some space enemies that will try to loot the casino, so you’ll need to deal with all of them before you can start really exploring the casino. The main goal of participating in The Almagest is to win the casino jackpot, you can read about how to do this in my previous guide.

Now you know where to find one of Starfield’s most unique spots.

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