Starfield: How to Find the Lair

Starfield: How to Find the Lair

Certain locations in Starfield can only be found by players who attempt to explore every system on their galaxy map. While this is great for these players, it means others may miss out on some truly unique and interesting places in populated systems. Locations like the Lair should be explored by every player, but these landmarks aren’t always easy to find in Starfield.


Particularly with regard to the Lair, you will have to visit this location at some point to complete certain quest lines. However, if you want to visit it before completing these quest chains or just want to remember where it is, I’ll help you. You can see exactly where the Lair is in the guide below.

Finding a Lair in Starfield

The Lair is located in the Wolf Starfield system, which is located northeast of Alpha Centauri. This is the first system you’ll see if you take the northeast path from Alpha Centauri. Once you enter the Wolf system, you can find the Lair orbiting a planet to the left of the system’s red sun.


Starfield: How to Find the Lair

Location of the Wolf system.

Starfield: How to Find the Lair

Location of the Lair in Wolf.

You can quickly travel straight to the Lair, and once you are within 500 kilometers, you can dock at the station. Once you’ve docked, you’ll be able to board the station and explore freely. There are several new characters to meet and interact with, including some members of the United Colonies Vanguard.

While The Lair doesn’t have much to do compared to other places in Starfield, it’s another attraction you can check off your checklist.

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