Starfield: How to Find the Moon Landing Site?

Starfield: How to Find the Moon Landing Site?

On July 20, 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. It was a moment that changed the world forever. Naturally, for a game so imbued with the awe of space,  Starfield  would give credit. You can find the original location of the moon landing in  Starfield  , but first you’ll need to brush up on some history.


To begin rediscovering the moon landing, head to New Atlantis and check out the Lodge. Go upstairs, turn right at the entrance to the corridor and go forward. Just past the orange trees on the left is a door. Go inside and you will see a book on the table against the wall called “Sir Livingstone’s Second Diary”. Read it and it will tell you about the “secret rite of passage into the Constellation Chairs.” To complete it you need to find the Apollo 11 landing site. Let’s get to it.

The book will help you find the Starfield Moon landing site  .

Reading the book unlocks a new quest: “Visit the Apollo site on the Moon.” Open the navigation menu and go to the Solar Star System, then click on Earth’s moon, Luna. There should be a new marker called “Apollo Landing Site”. Head over quickly and then get ready to dive into digital history. The Lunar Module should be directly in front of you, with the American flag still planted nearby. The quest marker will lead you to the top of the module, where a small reward awaits you.

Climb to the top of the module and you will find the Apollo Snow Globe. Feel free to place it wherever you call home. This could be the house you start with if you have the Dream House perk. But if you don’t already have a house in  Starfield  , I’d suggest checking out the UC Vanguard quest line, which offers two houses at the end.

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