Starfield: How to get cosmetics

Starfield: How to get cosmetics

When you’re trying to research a project in Starfield, the last thing you want to see is that you don’t have the material needed to complete it. One common resource that players usually lack is Cosmetics, which are very difficult to find in Starfield.


Cosmetics are an unusual organic resource that you will first need to complete a specific research project. When you first see that you need this resource in the Starfield, you most likely have no idea what it is or how to get it in populated systems. Luckily, I have a list of places where you can find tons of makeup, so you won’t have to search anymore.

Getting cosmetics in Starfield

Starfield: How to get cosmetics

What does cosmetics look like?

Since cosmetics are not minerals, you cannot mine them using the extractor at the outpost. It is also quite rare to find in looting in the world. While you may come across Cosmetics from time to time, don’t expect to replenish your inventory with them every time you travel to a new planet or system.


Instead, you’ll mostly have to buy cosmetics from certain vendors in Starfield. These vendors usually have around 5-10 cosmetics available for purchase in the Resources tab of their inventory, and they never cost more than eight or so credits.

Here is a list of some of the best sellers you can buy cosmetics from in Starfield:

  • Jamison Mercantile (New Atlantis)
  • Pastoral Products (Aquila City)
  • Newill’s Goods (neon)
  • UC Distribution (New Atlantis)
  • Any Trade Department store
  • Zuri General Store (Key)

As you can see, most of these sellers are regular traders and that is where you should be looking. More specialized retailers, such as Midtown Miners or Laredo Firearms, will not offer cosmetics for sale.

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