Starfield: How to get CQB-X

Starfield: How to get CQB-X

There are many healing items that you can obtain throughout your journey through the Starfield. From traditional first aid kits to more advanced first aid kits, you’ll have a variety of tools at your disposal to help you stay in good health as you travel from planet to planet. However, some players are more concerned with dealing damage rather than healing themselves. If that’s you, then you might be looking for CQB-X, a damage-boosting healing item in Starfield.


CQB-X increases your melee damage by 25% for five minutes, which is quite good if you wield a sword, knife, or other melee weapon. However, as you may have noticed, CQB-X is not the easiest item to obtain in populated systems. If you’ve been struggling to find the CQB-X in the Starfield, fear not as I’ll give you a few different locations for it in the guide below.

Getting CQB-X in Starfield

What CQB-X looks like. 


Since CQB-X is a healing item, it is easiest to buy from the Doctor. Doctors are scattered throughout the Starfield, but here are some of the first ones you can find:

  • Well (New Atlantis)
  • MAST District at Reliant Medical (New Atlantis)
  • Clinic (Narion system)
  • Aquila City (Inside the Rock)

From the Doctor you can purchase almost all healing items in the Starfield, including CQB-X. However, they will cost you around 500 credits apiece, so be careful with your money.

In addition to purchasing the item from the Doctor, you can also find CQB-X in the Help section of many regular merchants as well as Help vendors. This includes the following places:

  • CJ’s (New Atlantis Residential Area)
  • Jamison Mercantile (New Atlantis)
  • Pastoral Products (Aquila City)
  • Newill’s Goods (neon)
  • UC Distribution (New Atlantis)
  • Any Trade Department store
  • Zuri General Store (Key)

Finally, CQB-X is also found in random containers on any planet or Starfield location. I’ve had the best luck finding CQB-X in different colored salvage containers with a medical cross on them, but you can find this item just about anywhere, so always keep an eye out for it.

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