Starfield: How to get tetrafluoride

Starfield: How to get tetrafluoride

I’ve been racking my brain trying to find this unique resource in Starfield. I need it to research something in my research laboratory, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. This chemical is useful for many crafts and research. But how exactly do you get tetrafluoride in Starfield? Below we will answer this pressing question.


Where to find tetrafluoride in Starfield

There are a few basic ways to find this interesting chemical. Tetrafluoride in Starfield can be obtained either by  purchasing from merchants, looting, or harvesting from planets  . First, you can usually buy most resources from stores like  Trade Authority or Jemison Mercantile. This is probably the easiest way to get Tetrafluoride since it doesn’t require many credits.

The second method is to simply  find it around planets and bodies  . Sometimes there may be random resources on corpses. And sometimes you can find resources in random places on planets, such as bases or caves. But these are not very practical search methods because they are random.

If you don’t want to buy tetrafluoride, you can always  find planets that produce this chemical  . Although there are about 1,000 planets in the Star Field, only a few have this chemical. You’ll have to manually land on these planets and harvest the crops, but be careful not to expose yourself too much to the toxic fumes.

  • Sumati  , Narion system
  • Procyon III  , Procyon A system
  • Cragg  , Cheyenne system
  • Petria  , Lunar system
  • Altair IV-a  , Altair system
  • Maheo II  , Maheo system

There are many more tetrafluoride planets, but this is just a good start. Honestly,  the fastest way to get your hands on this resource is to simply buy it  . It’s easy to earn credits in Starfield, so it shouldn’t put a big dent in your wallet. There are only a select few crafting recipes and research projects that require this anyway.

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