Starfield – How to install Comspike and Grid modules?

Starfield – How to install Comspike and Grid modules?

Ship equipment such as computer spikes and conductive networks can sometimes be difficult to understand in the Starfield. It’s scary to open the shipbuilder and start working, if you’ve even found a suitable place to navigate! That’s why I’ve laid out exactly how to get each of these components for your ship so you can go back to piracy in space.


How to Place Comspike & Grid Modules on Your Ship in Starfield

You’ll need to see Jasmine Duran (aka Jazz) at The Key in Crix, where the Crimson Fleet is headquartered. She is your technician for ship repairs in the area, and will also make sure you set up the Comspike and Conduction Grid. Go to it and select the option I want to view and change my ships . From here:

  • Go to Shipbuilder
  • Select the Add option
  • Find the Comspike and Conduction Grid in the Hardware section
  • Place both on your ship, making sure they snap into place and glow green rather than red.
  • Save and exit

Why can’t I buy Comspike or Conductive Grids from Starfield?

The above process does not work for some players, resulting in them being unable to complete the Crimson Fleet quest in the Starfield. If you have completed all the steps above and are still unable to add a Comspike and/or conductivity mesh, you are likely experiencing an error . Try reloading your previous saves to try to get the game running again. This can be frustrating and will most likely waste time in your game, but there doesn’t seem to be any other solution at the moment.

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