Starfield Hyperia Survey Guide

Starfield Hyperia Survey Guide

Hyperia is a moon of Magreth located in the Narion System, which can be surveyed to get rare resources.

While advancing through the Starfield storyline, you’ll come across numerous abandoned planets and moons, like Hyperia, available for surveying. To advance in the game, it’s imperative to thoroughly survey these celestial bodies.

In many instances, your visits to these planets and moons will align with your missions. Upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct scans and achieve a 100% survey completion, just as I did with Hyperia in Starfield.

How to 100% Survey Hyperia in Starfield

Like other moons within the Starfield universe, Hyperia boasts a Survey Checklist that necessitates completion through the scanning of “fauna, flora, and resources.” Additionally, it’s crucial to identify any distinctive “traits” the moon may possess.

To scan these items, activate your scanner, enabling you to initiate the scanning process for all the features found on Hyperia Moon. Simply direct your scanner at the item in front of you to trigger the scanning sequence. The Blue Outline on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) will transition to green once the scanning process is successfully concluded.

Furthermore, your Survey Checklist progress and marked items are displayed on the list located to the left. Your visit to Starfield’s Hyperia Moon will be integrated into the mission titled “The Old Neighborhood.” Within this mission, your objective is to locate Moara and liberate him from the “Ecliptic Mercenaries” to gain possession of Artifact Beta.

To ensure successful scanning, maintain a proximity of within 10 meters of the scanner. This challenge can be easily resolved by enhancing your “Scanner Skill” through the skill tree.

Hyperia Survey Checklist

As previously mentioned, every planet in the Starfield universe comes equipped with a Survey Checklist, which mandates your completion by scanning various items. Upon successfully accomplishing this task, your Survey Checklist progress will be recorded as “Surveyed.” Below, you’ll find a listing of the items featured in the Hyperia Survey Checklist:

Name Terrain Description
Aluminum (Al) Crater “Aluminium is a precious metal that is used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear in Starfield. It is also used in the Outpost Construction”
Helium-3 (He-3) Crater “Helium-3 can be used for crafting, building outposts, and upgrading your gear. It is also used as a fuel to power Fueled Generators or Cargo Links.”
Neodymium (Nd) Crater “Neodymium is a rare resource found in Starfield that can be used in a number of crafting recipes that include weapons mods, equipment, and outposts.”
Beryllium (Be) Crater “Beryllium is a precious item that is used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear in Starfield.”

How to Find Resources on Hyperia in Starfield

On Hyperia Moon, you’ll come across a handful of readily discoverable resources. Below, you’ll find a list of the resources available on Hyperia:

  • Neodymium (Nd)
  • Aluminium
  • Helium-3
  • Beryllium (Be)

Upon your arrival at Hyperia within the Starfield universe, navigate towards a valley riddled with craters. Your first resource discovery will be Aluminum (Al). Proceed further to reach the Point of Interest known as Hillside Cave, where you’ll observe a conspicuous cloud of yellow smoke emanating from the ground.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll uncover Helium-3 (He-3) within that very cloud. Continuing westward to the Hillside Cave, you’ll encounter both Neodymium (Nd) and Beryllium (Be) at the same location. By following this path, you’ll successfully achieve a comprehensive 100% Survey of Hyperia, officially marking your list as “Surveyed.”

All Biomes on Hyperia in Starfield

Given that a significant portion of Hyperia’s terrain is barren, it’s important to note that no living biomes exist within. To explore diverse biomes like “Mountains and Volcanoes,” you’ll need to venture into other planetary systems within the game.

How to discover Hyperia Traits

You have the capability to utilize your onboard Scanner to identify Planet Traits, yet regrettably, you won’t encounter any on Starfield’s Hyperia Moon. Nonetheless, the discovery of these traits is essential to achieving full survey progress.


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