Starfield Jemison Survey Guide

Starfield Jemison Survey Guide

Players can visit Jemison Planet in Starfield to get its survey data which can be sold for credits to vendors.

All Biomes on Jemison

Biomes serve as crucial regions on planets, each nurturing distinct communities of flora and fauna. In Starfield’s Jemison, you’ll encounter four distinct types of biomes:

  • Deciduous forest
  • Coniferous forest
  • Mountains
  • Frozen mountains

How to discover Starfield Jemison Traits

Traits are special locations on a planet in Starfield that can be life signs or resources. If your Survey checklist has an exclamation circle on the bottom, it means you need to scan the planet for traits. Not all planets have traits, but that is not true with Jemison. Jemison in Starfield has 3 traits:

Sentient Microbial Colonies: To get this trait in Jemison, you must go to Sentient Microbial Colony locations and scan different Microbial Colonies.

Melted Glacier: Getting this trait is very easy: scan Glacial Remnants.

Ecological Consortium: In the map where it is labeled Ecological Consortium in Jemison, scan the Hives of that location.


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