Starfield Last Will And Testament Walkthrough

Starfield Last Will And Testament Walkthrough

You have to get back a literal Last Will and Testament of someone named Sahar to fulfill her wishes in Starfield.

Ask Elias Cartwright about Core

Once he concludes his explanation about Akila City, you will be presented with five options to choose from. Opt for the first one, which allows you to inquire about the Core.

He will then begin by sharing that The Core is recognized as the oldest district, dating back to the era of Solomon Coe. Remarkably, it still boasts descendants from the original settlers who have continuously expanded and maintained their homes.

Ask Elias Cartwright about Frank Langston

Following that, another dialogue option will become available, presenting you with five choices. Once more, choose the first option, which is to inquire about Frank Langston.

He will mention that Frank Langston recently owned the old Hasanov Manor, and things have taken a turn for the worse since then. The problem arose when there were no descendants left in the Hasanov family.

The final member of their family was Sahar, who had been relocated from Akila City to a farm 40 years ago. This move was prompted by her inability to cope with the emotional turmoil of losing her last grandchild, so she decided to leave.

But after a certain time period, Ashta attacked the farm and she was also killed. Now, no one in the family is alive.

So, he wants someone who is brave enough to go to Sahar’s Farm to confront Ashta and bring the Sahar’s Will back to him if you are able to find it as he wants to fulfill her last will because she has done enough for Akila City.

He will also tell you the location of the Sahar’s Farm which can be found on the same planet as you are on currently.

Reach Sahar’s farm

You can utilize the fast travel feature to reach Sahar’s Farm. Upon arrival, you’ll notice the farm’s boundaries.

As you enter the farm’s confines, you’ll encounter several Ashta creatures roaming about. Before they have a chance to attack you, arm yourself and eliminate them.

There’s only one house on the farm, and you’ll need to unlock an air-locked gate to gain access. Inside, on the right-hand side next to the bed, you’ll find a yellow box containing Sahar Hasanov’s Last Will.

With Sahar’s Will in your possession, you have two choices: you can either deliver it to Mayor Elias Cartwright or give it to Frank Langston. Giving the will to Frank is an optional objective.

Speak with Frank Langston (optional)

You can find Frank Langston’s location in the City of Akila, on the opposite side from where you met Elias Cartwright. You can also use the marker to guide you. When you arrive, head to Langston Manor and enter the kitchen to speak with Frank.

During your conversation, Frank will recount his experience in Akila City, where he came to offer business opportunities for the citizens but received nothing but insults in return. He explains that since he acquired the estate, he has faced opposition, unaware that it was a historical manor.

After a brief discussion, you’ll have the option to mention that you have Sahar Hasanov’s Last Will and Testament. In response, Frank will propose a deal: if you give him the will, he’ll reward you with 10,000 credits. He’ll also ask you as a favor not to inform Elias Cartwright about the will and instead tell him that you found nothing at the farm.

Speak with Elias Cartwright

Now, you need to make your way to Elias Cartwright in the same place where you met him before on the other side of the same city from here and give him the Sahar’s Will and he will give you the award of 2500 Credits and 100 EXP.

Should you give Sahar’s Will to Frank Langston or Elias Cartwright?

If you choose to give Sahar’s Will to Frank, he will reward you with 10,000 Credits. You can then lie to Elias, telling him that you didn’t find anything, and still receive around 10,300 Credits along with 50 EXP from him.

On the other hand, if you give Sahar’s Will to Elias Cartwright, skipping the optional objective, he will express his gratitude and award you with 2,500 Credits and 100 EXP.

We recommend giving the will to Frank because he will provide you with 10,000 Credits. When you later visit Elias without Sahar’s Will, he will give you an additional 10,300 Credits and 50 EXP.

So, in total, you will receive 20,300 Credits and 50 EXP by choosing Frank’s route. However, if you give Sahar’s Will to Elias, he will only give you 2,500 Credits and 100 EXP. Therefore, the more lucrative choice is to go with Frank.

Starfield – Last Will and Testament mission rewards

After successfully completing the Last Will and Testament side mission in Starfield, you will receive 20300 Credits and 50 EXP when you give Sahar’s Will to Frank. Alternatively, if you choose to give it to Elias Cartwright, you will receive 2500 Credits and 100 EXP.

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